Drink, Eat

I’ll take my tea with cheese please!

Parlour Tea Room

We’ve got to admit that when we think of cheese the first thing that we think of pairing it with is certainly not tea. However, as you know the We Know Melbourne team can’t stay away from cheese, it’s our Kryptonite and so one rainy Sunday afternoon we decided to try out the Porcelain Tea Parlour.

The Porcelain Tea Parlour is located on Johnston St, Carlton, just a couple minutes walk from the Lygon main strip. It’s easy to miss if you’re not looking out for it, but we can smell a good cheese a mile away. Open till late every night, it’s the perfect spot for a night out (if you don’t want a boozy night).

The interiors feel like you’ve entered someone’s cosy lounge room with a big chesterfield couch in the middle and a couple of tables filling the rest of the floor. Make sure to check out all the ceramic tea pots lined up on the wall, the variety is outstanding! The area doesn’t fit too many people in, which we like, because if you’re drinking tea, a calm, relaxing environment is the setting you want to be in. As their website says they “encourage you to slow down to tea drinking speed. Watch the world go by or be consumed by the collection of books, games and playing cards to be enjoyed over tea in company or solitude.”

We recommend you try  a tea flight, which is a novel concept for us or order a tea by the pot (for $12). There’s guaranteed to be some ones you’ve never heard of. They also do tea and cheese plate pairings, and  other sweet treats, including the most delicious black sesame macarons. Who says the macaron trend is over?!

Bring your Mum or Nan!

Where: The Porcelain Tea Room

Opening Hours: 2pm till late

Visit the website here.