Top 10 City Bars

1. Golden Monkey

A 1920s Opium Den style cocktail bar where knowledgeable and passionate bar tenders will take you through their cocktail degustation.

Visit Golden Monkey’s website.

2. The Melbourne Supper Club

A late night favourite, sink into the leather couches and truly wind down.

3. Cocoon Bar

A relaxing place to end your day with cosy chairs and an extensive beverage list, featuring specialty beers and wines.

Visit the Cocoon Bar website.

4. Ponyfish Island

Another of those oh-so-Melbourne unique bars, they list their address as “Underneath the Yarra Pedestrian Bridge – On the island!” Say no more.

Visit Ponyfish Island website.

5. The Emerald Peacock

Elegant, bustling, fun with a great rooftop area.

Visit The Emerald Peacock website.

6. Union Electric Bar

Newly opened, this laneway bar heralds Bill Murray as their hero.

Visit Union Electric’s website.

7. Kirk’s Wine Bar

Sister to Siglo and The Melbourne Supper Club, you can find Kirk’s Wine Bar on Hardware Lane. Order the delectable cheese plate to go with your wine.

Visit Kirk’s Wine Bar website.

8. Siglo

This charming rooftop terrace bar is reminiscent of Paris.

For more information on Siglo click here.

9. Section 8

Only in Melbourne… a bar made of shipping containers in a former carpark.

Visit the Section 8 website.

10. Toff In Town

Train carriage-style booths, good wine, great times…

Visit Toff in Town website.
Do you have a favourite Melbourne city bar? Let us know in the comments below. 

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