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MICF Review: Cameron James “Chilled Out/Fired Up”

We all have those little voices in our heads, those ones that tell you what to do, Cameron James calls his “chilled out” and “fired up” and his new show takes his audience on a little journey through adult life and listening to these voices.

Covering a lot of ground effortlessly, with anecdotes, observational and self deprecating humour including being in 30s and witnessing that loosest of loose friend who appears to become the most adulting adult that you know almost overnight (we’ve all been there, right?), observations of men on the dance floor and what it could possibly mean for their ability to dance between the sheets, being part of the last generation where the wooden spoon was an acceptable form of punishment, having that one high school friend that you can’t bear to delete from facebook because every post offers huge potential for trolling, zoology and panda porn, alpha and beta male roles within the friendship group and his budding friendship with a chilled out heart surgeon with life advice for us all.   

Language warning, chill out but James drops a couple of “c bombs” and if he weren’t so comfortable with the word, might see like a grab at the shock factor but they fall from his lips much more easily than his attempt at the word “booty”.

James is comfortable and confident on stage, a fantastic story teller (almost too good, enabling the audience to conjure imagery of the result of a night of 15 espresso martinis whilst snorkelling in Bali), that makes the hour slip away so quickly.  If you recognise his face from somewhere, check your Comedy Central and ABC’s Comedy Next Gen views and what this space, as we have no doubt that he’ll be popping up on your television more often.

Head along to see Cameron James at the Greek Centre for the hilarity that is “Chilled Out/Fired Up”.

4 1/2 stars
Reviewed and written by our guest writer –  Shannon Murphy
Where: The Greek Centre, Zeus, 168 Lonsdale Street
When: 6 or 7pm, selected nights until 22 April.
For more information and tickets check out the MICF website.

MICF Review: G’Day Comrade

G’Day Comrade answers that age-old(?) question.. ‘what do you get when a Russian bride, a nerdy scientist and a failed rock star walk into a bar?’ The result, a fun evening of Russian stereotype puns, Dostoyevsky references, random dancing and the stand up talent of three Russian comedians with some pretty impressive street cred.

Comedians Kaychu Symon, Gosha Bodryi, Gleb Tugushev and special guest Kirill Sietlov all bring their own unique style of observational humour to Comedy Festival goers, applying a quirky, adorably confused Russian perspective to classic Australianisms, and the legal limit of only two Vladimir Putin based jokes.

Aside from a couple of jokes that went a little beyond dark humour, the crowd loved this sweetly hilarious show, which offered a nice balance of performance, and audience interaction.

On its debut season, G’day Comrade is not a perfectly polished or sophisticated comedy show, but it’s a must-see for those who love simple, self-deprecating humour – with enough sweet warmth to thaw an icy Russian heart on a bitter winters day. Tickets start from just $10 – so it’s an awesome, low-cost way to support up and coming artists who offer a unique foreign perspective on Australian life.

3 ½ stars.

Reviewed and written by our guest writer –  Kerstyn Dance
: The Imperial Hotel, 2 Bourke Street | The Vault Theatre, 522 Flinders Street, CBD
When: Various times, until 1 April
For more information and tickets check out the MICF website.



Melbourne’s most anticipated running festival, Run Melbourne, is back with something for friends, families and fitness fanatics.
Run Melbourne will once again fill the streets with more than 20,000 participants expected to hit the pavement across four events: the 3K Friendship Dash (a free event suitable for families and friends – including the furry ones!), the Half-Marathon, the 10K run and the 5K run.
This year Run Melbourne is celebrating 12 years of growing into a movement that has changed the culture of running through the streets of Melbourne. With cheer zones, more training support and fundraising resources, participants are set to enjoy an unforgettable race weekend. Over the past 11 years, participants have raised more than $16.5 million for over 400 charities and this year’s target is $2 million.

NAME: Run Melbourne Friendship Dash
LOCATION: Birrarung Marr
DISTANCES: 4K run/walk
COST: Free

NAME: Run Melbourne
LOCATION: Federation Square
DISTANCES: 5K run, 10K run, Half-Marathon
COST: Varies, visit website for entry costs



May Contain Traces of Reading

Mitchel E Roberts is not your average stand up comedian. His show, ‘May Contain Traces of Reading, is performed with uttering a single word and it’s back for another season at the Butterfly Club this Jane – June.

We spoke to Mitch about what audiences can expect this time around, and what’s next for the young rising star.

Mitch, you talk about the concept for this show as ‘coming to you in a golden moment’ – but is there a back story or inspiration behind the idea?
The back story to this show is basically that I’ve been having silly ideas since I was 8 years old, and within a couple of weeks, I’d move on to the next grand plan, or huge scale scheme. This idea was different though. For one, I wasn’t actively trying to come up with something. I was just working in a job that didn’t require a lot of brain power or attention, and while my mind was wandering, this show walked into my head, with a fully formed premise. It’s so rare that I get that one shining moment, where I can see the whole thing, and as the weeks went by I was still chuckling to myself about it. For the first time, the idea stuck around, and I was fortunate enough to have a great team around me who loved the idea and encouraged me to let it out.

In terms of inspiration, there’s a lot that’s come from many different places. My sense of humour is formed very much by British style comedy; Monty Python, Rowan Atkinson (both as Blackadder and Mr Bean), and Fry and Laurie, which my parents exposed me to from a young age. Although without a doubt, my number one comedy heroes are Lano and Woodley, who I consider to be the best example of making silly comedy out of clever writing that there’s ever been. More specifically, this show came out of watching a bunch of young local comedians during the 2018 Comedy Festival and learning lessons from them. Performers like Nadia Collins, Jacqueline Mifsud, Blake Everett, Clara Cupcakes, Laura Davis, Tash York and heaps more. Allowing myself to be immersed in and inspired by all the wonderful comedians out there got the creative juices flowing and put me in the right place for May Contain Traces of Reading to appear in my head.

The show had a successful run last season, what sort of updates and changes are you bringing with you this year, that the audience can expect to enjoy?
Most of the changes this time around were just solidifying some of the things I did on the fly during last year’s season. I hadn’t really had the chance to work the show with an audience before we opened, and as the show went on, we changed a few jokes here and there, so I’ve written them in properly.

I’ve also tightened up the show a bit, there were a bunch of places where I realised I didn’t need a particular sign to make my punchline or places where the show dragged a little and I needed to just get on with it.

Lastly, I’ve added in some ideas I’ve had since the show closed, some single punchlines, some extra bits, some more silly things, as well as expanding the stuff that makes the show unique every performance. If you’ve enjoyed it before, you can come along a second time and experience a slightly different version of it. The audience really does control quite a lot of what goes on, so you’ll never see exactly the same show twice.

Heckling is encouraged at your show – what is the best and worst heckler you’ve had to deal with, has there been an instances where the ‘sick burn cards’ didn’t have a response?
The heckling bit is actually one of my favourite parts of the show. The idea was to take a weakness of my show (that is, the inability to respond directly in real-time), and turn it into a strength. By inviting the heckles, for every person trying to make me feel bad, there are 20 people who want to see the next “sick burn,” drowning them out. The end result of that is that the people heckling love it as much as I do, whether the “sick burns” make sense or not.
The worst heckles are the ones where their heart isn’t in it, or they’re just doing it because they think they have to.
Conversely, the best ones are where they try to get me to laugh; it’s so much in the spirit of the show. I had a cousin come to the show last year who is a doctor and during a section of the show where I do a PSA (public service announcement), someone asked what PSA meant, and he loudly responded with “prostate specific antigen!” It just came out of nowhere and was so clearly not what I was talking about, the audience just lost it and it took everything I had to not make a sound. I ended up not giving him a “sick burn,” I just shook his hand and moved on with the show. With a comment like that, there’s not much you can do except salute the comedy.

If you could sum up your show for the uninitiated in one giant palm card – what would it say?
The intellectual in me wants to say something like “dad jokes of questionable quality, punchlines of unquestionable stupidity, and odd observations through the prism of an undeniably silly premise” but I feel like that’s probably too wordy. Let’s go with “it’s completely silly, a bit odd, and a good time is had by all. The more you bring in, the more you’ll take out”

Your show finishes up at the Butterfly Club on 1 June, where to next, or do you have any new projects on the horizon?
The plan going forward is to see where else I can take this show, it’s so incredibly fun to perform and I don’t want to stop any time soon. Hopefully, this season forms the start of what will be a run at a few festivals next year, as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival has been a dream of mine for a while. As for other projects, I have a few ideas brewing, so I’ll keep working on those, but I’ll have to wait and see what the next golden moment of inspiration is. Maybe I’ll write a sequel, who knows?

Like us, if you are keen to check out Mitch’ show it’s running at the Butterfly Club until the 1stof June.

Where: the Butterfly Club, Carson Place (of Lt Collins), CBD

When: 7pm, 27 May  –  1 June

More information / tickets: Check out their website

WIN 1 x double pass to Oz Comic-Con 2019

WIN 1 x double pass to Oz Comic-Con 2019: Come And Celebrate Everything Pop Culture

Oz Comic-Con is returning to Melbourne on June 8th – 9th, giving fans across all fandoms the ultimate event for all things pop culture. Assemble your super squad and get ready for a jam-packed weekend of entertainment.

Here is your chance to win 1 x double pass to Oz Comic-Con.

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4-Competition closes on 2nd June 2019
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Nocturnal X Mick Harvey

You might be apprehensive if the live-music tickets you bought list the venue as a Museum. Are the musicians really that old? Or maybe you start to imagine something akin to the movie ‘Night at the Museum.’

Having been to the Melbourne Museum before, I pondered as to where they’d set up stage and whether I’d spend the night concerned about knocking over irreplaceable artefacts on display. Arriving, I found the venue to be very well thought-out. The main stage was front and centre in the foyer with the second stage and film screens in the galleries deeper into the Museum.

What’s more, the stages didn’t seem out of place, but rather enhanced by the historic building. The area was grand, accessible and the lights from the main stage seemed to shimmer beautifully off every surface. On top of that, I learnt that walking around a world-class museum with a beer in hand and atmospheric beats through the air is a sensation not to be missed.

The bands and setlist were curated by Mick Harvey, the music legend from The Bad Seeds. Having never heard any of the bands Harvey brought with him, I was delighted to witness a series of spectacular performances. It’s great to see lead singers dedicate songs to million-year-old fossils as casually as introducing their bandmates.

In some settings the acoustics echoed or were distorted, but that could be forgiven. After all, most venues don’t have an anatomical re-creation of the Australian super-horse Phar Lapsitting around in general admission. In all, the combination of two already fantastic Melbourne attractions – killer live music and the Melbourne Museum – only served to mix the night into a brilliant cocktail of stimulus.

The best part is that Nocturnalwill keep it coming. Coming up on the 3rd of May is another unique line-up. ‘Nocturnal X WAT’will bring a whole new set of artists and the opportunity for after-hours access to the brand-new exhibition ‘Revolutions: Records and Rebels.’

Music fans and experience-chasers, book tickets for Nocturnal’s next line-up and catch this inimitable sensation for yourself.

(Tip: the #96 tram will drop you off with nothing but a leisurely two-minute walk through Carlton Gardens to the Museum entrance.)

When: The first Friday of every month.
Where: Melbourne Museum, 11 Nicholson Street, Carlton
More information: Here

WIN 1 x double pass to Young Gun of Wine People’s Choice

WIN 1 x double pass to Young Gun of Wine People’s Choice

For one night only, the best 12 young winemakers will assemble in Melbourne to present their two wines with eats to be provided by the Butcher’s Diner to match the Young Gun’s pours.

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Young Gun of Wine People’s Choice Tasting

If you’ve ever wanted to have your say in Australia’s most respected wine awards, now is your chance at the Young Gun of Wine People’s Choice Tasting presented in collaboration with City Wine Shop on Saturday 1 June.

For one day only, the 2019 Final 12 cohort will assemble in Melbourne to present their two wines that got them into the final. Meet the winemakers and learn more about the best emerging wines from across the country before casting your vote for your favourite wine on the day.

Hosted at the St Martins Youth Arts Centre, Melbourne’s 24-hour beacon of late night food, the Butcher’s Diner will pop up to pair the Young Guns’ pours. Whether you’re into its signature grass fed burgers or counterpoint vegan fare, we’re sure you’ll meet your match.

Young Gun of Wine People’s Choice not only offers attendees the opportunity to be involved in the awards, but provides a platform to discover the best new winemakers and wines in the country.

What: Young Gun of Wine People’s Choice

Where: St Martins Youth Arts Centre, 28 Saint Martins Lane, South Yarra

When: Saturday 1 June 2019, 12:00pm

Price: Earlybird $45 or $55:00 from May 25, plus booking fee



 The newly refurbished King & Godfree will be playing host to three of the hottest events on the Good Beer Week calendar for 2019. Whether you’re a beer novice or brewing connoisseur the Italian food precinct has something for you, including a rooftop party, tasting session and a sit down six-course matched dinner. 

Salt. Fat. Acid. Heat. – Tuesday 14 May, 7.30pm, Agostino Cellar 

Join Two Bird Brewing’s Jayne Lewis on a sensory exploration of beer and food, held in the beautiful cellar at Agostino. Lewis will help you discover the unique ways that beer styles interact with tastes; from salty, sweet, fatty and acidic. 

For example, salt will be showcased with a salt cod fritter with aioli and heat with spicy nduja, white bean and octopus crostini. There will also be a grazing table complete with a variety of cheeses, salumi and pickles. 

Si Parla Italiano – Thursday 16 May, 7pm, Agostino 

The most refined out of the three events will be Si Parla Italiano, a six-course dinner at Agostino King & Godfree’s soon to be open wine bar, matched with the delicious and innovative beers from Garage Project. 

To start, chicken liver parfait with vincotto and crostini will be paired with Pas de Deux (a Belgian beer fermented together with champagne yeasts). For mains, you can expect venison with white polenta, cimi di rapa and chestnuts matched with a Mutiny on the Bounty stout. Garage Project’s take on the stout is brewed with breadfruit, roasted, plantain, coconut and Tahitian vanilla. To finish, neighbours Pidapipo will be providing a sour peach gelato to go with a White Mischief – a kettle soured wheat, lightly salted and infused with white peaches. 

This will be one adventurous and tasty dinner. Tickets are limited – so hop to it. 

Moon Dog Rooftop Tap Takeover – Friday 17 May, 5pm, Johnny’s Green Room 

The rooftop bar at King & Godfree – Johnny’s Green Room – will be taken over by the folks at Moon Dog for one night only. All taps on the rooftop will transform to Moon Dog’s range, including pale ales, tropical lagers, dark ales and IPAs. 

There will also be a Tinnie Bar, where you can explore the more adventurous Moon Dog beverages, including the 2019 Jumping the Shark and Black Lung IX. Wash it all down with BBQ beer snacks, including pork and fennel sausage in milk buns, Piedmontese style roasted peppers and BBQ octopus with salmoriglio. The best bit? In true Moon Dog style, it will be a full moon on the night of the party. 

Event Details 

Salt. Fat. Acid. Heat 

Agostino Cellar – 297 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053 

Tuesday 14 May  – 7.30pm – 10.00pm  – $65 – purchase tickets here 

Si Parla Italiano 

Agostino – 297 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053 

Thursday 16 May  –  7.00pm – late  – $150 – purchase tickets here 

Moon Dog Rooftop Tap Takeover 

Johnny’s Green Room – King & Godfree Ln, Carlton VIC 3053 

Friday 17 May  – 5.00pm-7.00pm  – $55 – purchase tickets here