TGI FRIDAYS: We all need comfort food in winter

TGI FRIDAYS is dishing up American-inspired delights with a twist, launching a new oozing Mac & Cheese range and $15 ‘Ultimate’ oversized cocktails at Happy Hour.

Treat yourself with TGI FRIDAYS famous potato skins loaded with creamy Mac & Cheese, opt for Baked Mushroom and Truffle Macaroni with field mushrooms, parmesan panko crumb, drizzled with truffle oil, and more cheesy goodness than your heart could ever desire.

If cocktails are more your thing, TGI FRIDAYS, the OG of the Long Island Iced Tea, who created the drink way back in the 60’s has you covered – this time just bigger than ever. Launching a new Ultimates range nationwide, you’ll find signature extra-large cocktails on the drinks list including TGI FRIDAYS iconic Long Island Iced Tea. Why? Because bigger is always better. And for only $15 at Happy Hour, you’ll think it’s Friday every day.