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When Pizza Meets Bagel

Just when you thought you couldn’t have any more carbs, there’s Five and Dime Pizza. Owned by Zev Forman, the owner of Five and Dime Bagel; where everything is made in a traditional-ish way.

Zev said “There’s Australia style of pizza, or there’s real pizza… The Italian style.” As a man of traditions, and loves sharing his love of food; he has not only brought delicious bagels to Melbourne, also some big and thinly sliced pizzas made in the traditional Italian way. We weren’t surprised how Five and Dime Pizzas came in giant slices. So big that you have to eat it in the New Jerseyan (or is it New Yorker?) style – folded it in half.

Five and Dime Pizza opened its door just a few weeks ago. This new kid in town is on UberEats and Deliveroo, but we think you should visit them at the store and watch the pizza making in action.

Five and Dime Pizzas’ are made with love and care by Alex, the owner of HazelBark Patisserie. With many trial and errors, Alex and Zev have designed the perfect pizza dough accompanied by delicious yet simple pizza menu, now sharing their passions for pizza with us Melbournians.

Zev told us their tasty pizza dough takes three days to make. It is all about letting the yeast doing its magic. At Five and Dime Pizza, they offer vegan options too! Who would have known vegan sausages can taste better than usual meat sausages? We couldn’t believe it until we tried, and as the Italians would say it “Super delizioso!”

Go on and order that giant pizza bagel to share with your mates, we know you want to. Don’t forget to order the yummy bagel pudding as your dessert too!

When: Tuesday – Saturday, in Store from 3pm
Where: 16 Katherine Place, Melbourne
Order: On UberEats or on Deliveroo