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Interview: Chris Cincotta

We had a privilege to get to know the talented photographer, known as King of the streets – Chris Cincotta. He is the founder and creator behind @Melbourneiloveyou on Instagram and Humans in Melbourne on Facebook.

Let Chris tell you a little more about himself…

Firstly, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?
I’m a Melbourne based photographer and I run the ‘Humans in Melbourne’ Facebook page as well as the ‘@Melbourneiloveyou’ instagram page. I take walking tours on the weekends and I have a photography store on the corner of Bourke and Swanston streets where I sell my photos from the city.

Where does your inspiration come from?
I love Melbourne and I want everyone to see Melbourne the way I do. The city itself is such a fantastic place to be with so much always happening and I just want to show off as much of that as I can.

You also do Melbourne walking tours, what can people expect?
I love taking the tours! I think my passion comes across when I speak on the tours. We start at Flinders Street Station and then go for a wonder though some of Melbourne’s little laneways and we hit some of the hidden gems as well. I shout everyone a coffee to start our day to put everyone in a Melbourne state of mind. Everyone also walks away with a $60 print and there are a few little surprises during the tour.

Where’s is your favourite place to take people on the tour and why?
Some of the hidden laneways. When people see some of the amazing artwork that’s away from the usual tourist traps and their faces light up, that’s what I love about being a tour guide.

If someone only has 6 hours in the city, what would you suggest they do?
Just get lost. Wander with a coffee in hand and find the little places where no one is because you’re bound to find something fantastic.

Summer is here, what’s your favourite thing to do in the city?
Go to Pony Fish Island on the Yarra, get a drink and watch the sun go down over the water.

What’s the one thing (besides your walking tour) that people must do when here in Melbourne?
Sit for a couple of hours down Centre Place with a coffee and just people watch. If you want to know what Melbourne is, that’s where you go to discover it.

Hosier lane is a hotspot for graffiti, where else can people view some amazing works of art?
Everyone should go to Presgrave Place, Croft Alley, Strachan Lane and so many more little lanes to see street art that will blow your mind!

Which suburb would you recommend for a day in the sunshine and why? Williamstown. It is such a great little town and if you couldn’t see the city skyline you’d have no idea you were 20 minutes outside of Melbourne. It is a little village with such great views and beautiful little shops that allow you to feel like your hours down the coast.


Get a copy of Chris’s book here or visit him at the corner of Bourke and Swanston Street.