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Interview: Candy Ng – Melbourne Illustrator

Candy Ng, a well-known Melbourne based illustrator did our Facebook featured cover. She has published books and done public talks, and continue to influence local artists with her ever-growing creativity. Let’s get to know Candy a little.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you’ve got to where you are today, Candy?
I grew up in Hong Kong and moved to Melbourne to study Graphic Design; I fell in love with everything Melbourne has to offer (food culture, creative scene and nature) and decided to make Melbourne my second home. I worked as a Graphic Designer for four years before becoming a full time Illustrator. You may say self-discipline and persistence helped me to reach to where I am today. In creative practises, I create and often make mistakes, but failure is a better opportunity for me to get closer to where I want to be. I learned to leave my ego at the door and ask people with expertise for constructive feedback/advice. There were times I felt like I am “not good enough” but now I accepted “each to their own” and no one “will ever be good enough”, so it was great to finally let go and feel free.

As a young artist, who has published books and did public speaking, what advice would you give to Y-Gens?
I love the buzz in Melbourne when Winter disappears and Spring is in the air! My inspiration for this issue came from the racing and fashion events that take over the city and seamlessly give it a new life. I feel it becomes such a huge part of our culture; like the city and it’s people are one. Even if you’ve never been to one of those events, you claim it as your own. It’s as much a part of the city as the people in it, and that’s what I tried to incorporate into my art.

What was your main inspiration for the cover?
Places I would go/do in summer.

Tell us where is your favourite place to be in the vibrant Summer Melbourne.
I have a few… my favourites would be: number 1, watch Men’s final of Aus Open at Fed Square, number 2 go to Sidney Myer Free Concerts and lastly watch a movie at the rooftop cinema/Moonlight cinema, all in picnic style.

Lastly, how can our readers get to know you even more and where can we purchase your work?
Regular updates on Instagram @yanyancandyng or check out
For small gift ideas: