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We tried Floatation Therapy and here is why we recommend it

It is hard to get away from the noise in a busy, yet vibrant city like Melbourne. Luckily Melbourne never says no to new and cool innovations. Floatation therapy, the new remedy treatment in town, will remind you that you need to have some me-time in this eventful city.

We got a chance to try out what floatation therapy is all about at Rest House Float Centre, located at Hampton East, and we absolutely enjoyed every second of it.

Why Floatation Therapy?
This relaxing activity will clearly help you reduce stress and anxiety. Not only that, it also can help improve blood circulation, digestion, skin health, accelerate muscle repair, improve sleep patterns, and much more.

Our experience at Rest House Float Centre.
For this special occasion, we have asked our graphic designer – Ting to attend this sensational experience. Rest House Float Centre mentioned to us that floatation therapy helps with creativity, to help those creatives out there to think outside of the box.

Ting described her experience as phenomenal! As a graphic designer, she felt she finally had some time to relax and actually let her creative brain cells be extra active. As Ting has a busy lifestyle herself, she felt the floatation therapy reminded her how important it is to have some down time in order to let all your worries and stress go, and let the creative mentality kick in.

“At first I wasn’t very comfortable with the idea of stripping down to nothing in order to have the full floatation experience. I then realized how great it actually felt to have nothing holding me back.”

Ting also mentioned how the staff was very informative and how incredibility amazing the place smelt. She adored the Rest House smell. As soon as she walked in the place, she could instantly smell the pureness, leafy greens, and it took her for a nature walk within 30 seconds of entering.

“It was an interesting feeling when I got into the pod. It felt a bit slimy, due to the high content of salt, I could just feel there was a layer or something. My body adapted to it fairly quickly, and for the first five minutes, I was trying to discover what my body can do while floating. As I am quite short, (to put in perspective, I could fit three of me in the tank.) I was floating around from one end to the other. I was like a little kid, playing in a pool.”

The floating pod has a button which you can switch the lights off, on the inside. You also have an option of having the music on the whole session of your float, or just in the beginning and end. (Note, you need to let the staff know before you start, as they control the music from the outside.) There is also a floating neck rest, for those who need some more support.

“I had my lights switched off after my five minutes of fun. I decided to give the neck rest a try, and it was surprisingly comfortable. I let my mind go, let all my stress, all my worries… let everything go and just like that… my whole body was relaxed, my mind was blank and I went into a deep sleep within the first minute. I then suddenly woke up before the music kicked off, and as soon as I opened my eyes, I felt ready to embrace the rest of my day.”

Ting told us how she had to go to a charity event that night, and the event didn’t end till 11pm. Normally she is extremely tired by 10:30pm, but not that night. She was still upbeat and held amazing conversations with event attenders.

“I would definitely recommend this, especially for the busy creative people here in Melbourne. There is so much going on in this city, and we get so distracted. Sometimes we get lost on how to keep our creative minds working properly. Eventually, you will start imagining or perhaps dreaming while you are in the tank, floating away. That is when your creative self starts kicking in.”

After your floatation therapy – some helpful tips which are put together by Rest House Float Centre.

  • Drink a large glass (500ml+) of warm lemon water first thing in the morning.
  • Eat more greens!
  • Take a cold shower!

For detailed tips please see here.





Where: Rest House Float Centre
When: 8:00am – 10:00pm Daily
More informationCheck out their website.