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What you’re doing this weekend: Touring ALL the Melbourne Markets

Sometimes the stars align, sometimes the weather is right, and sometimes it’s just a big ole’ coincidence. If you’re in the market (all puns intended) for a second hand bargain, an environmentally conscious buy, locally crafted artisanal goods or just some really really great food, this weekend is the time to strike. Choose from the well-known-and-regular, the new kids on the block, or an exclusive seasonal happening: They’re all good!

Camberwell Sunday Market

The well heeled market goer will know the Camberwell market is an OG for secondhand clothing, unique “antiques” and a variety of gorgeous handmade skincare from local sellers. Pick yourself up a second hand jacket, a designer tote, a succulent and a hand lotion, then find yourself one of leafy Camberwell’s cafes to gloat over your bargains

When: Every Sunday from 6:30am
Where: Market Place, Camberwell

Hank Marvin Market

If your dollar drop for food over fashion, Hank Marvin is for you. Enjoy over 40 street food vendors ready to feed the “Hank Marvin” amongst you (Hank Marvin is not a man, but a Brit Cockney slang for “starving” – Yeah we’re confused too) and offer something to bring home with a variety of local traders and fresh produce amongst the culinary delights.

When: Every Saturday
Where: 204 Dandenong Road, St Kilda East

The Rose Street Market

Another weekend constant, the Rose Street market is the North’s creative culture at best. Buy art direct from emerging artists, rifle through one of a kind books, fashion and homewares, and feel distinctly Fitzroy-esque with your haul of bespoke trinkets, art and homewares. The only terrarium I’ve ever had survive came from the Rose Street markets so if that’s not a sign, what is?

When: Every Saturday and Sunday from 11am
Where: 60 Rose Street, Fitzroy

Collingwood Artists Market

A fledgling market in comparison to others, Collingwood Artist’s Market kicked off a mere month ago, allowing locals of the area to experience their community’s best and brightest without having to even cross Victoria Parade. We’re a big fan of this markets genuinely rustic vibe, which features brands distinctly aimed at Zero Waste, reusable and repurposed items, thrown in amongst the usual gorgeous art, homewares and jewellery one always delights in while strolling around. 

When: July 16th from 10am
Where: 51 Langridge Street, Collingwood

Footscray Finds Market

Inner West rejoice – the Footscray Finds Market is here to offer you a monthly opportunity to stock up on the “Boutique, unique and handmade” and keep your energy levels popping with food trucks and live performances. Get your groove on every third Sunday of the month

When: July 16th
Where: 56 Paisley Street, Footscray

Finder’s Keepers Market Autumn/Winter Edition

The OG of hip, quirky markets, Finders Keepers is back at the REB for another season of Melbourne’s best local artists, jewellers, florists, gift makers, shoe makers, foodies and who knows what else you’ll find? For a $2 investment (kids under 12 free) peruse what feels like your cool friends house for the perfect card/vase/earrings/pot plant/wooden bowtie, no matter what the weather.

When: July 14th from 5pm – July 16th
Where: Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton