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Eat, drink, make & learn

Are you passionate about coffee making? Is it pasta you crave at the end of your long day? Ever wanted to master your home made coffee brewing skills? Or is indulging in cheese one of your daily routines?

The Craft & Co, a collective leaning centre in Collingwood offers classes in all of these areas and more for those with an interest in the culinary and arts.

The Craft & Co works with local producers in Melbourne and offers classes ranging from salami making, pasta making, coffee cupping, brewing for beginners, cheese making,  learning why bees matter so much or exploring the magic behind craft distillation.

All classes are $75, 3-hours long and including a tasting, one in-house brewing beverage, questionnaires and hands-on experience. If you are unsure what class you should take, you can even try out their free pasta or wine making demo class on Sundays to get a feel for the courses.

Here is a sneak peak of what you get from the classes:

Pasta Making: All attendees enjoy freshly made pasta, cooked by their head chef. Included with dinner is a house-made beer or wine to wrap up your class.

Coffee Cupping: Learn a fool-proof method to master café quality coffee at home with an espresso shot and pour over brew.

Cheese Making: Learn how to make Romano and Ricotta from expert cheese makers and finish your night with a custom-pairing menu of similar style cheeses made on the night, matched with pre-selected beverages.

Sausage Making: Learn how to make traditional sausages. Finish with a tasting of your sausage-making efforts, including an in-house brewed beer or wine.

Introduction to Distilling: Get to know the history of craft distilling in Australia from Sebastian Reabure at The Craft & Co’s distillery and explore all aspects of craft distillation.

Why Do Bees Matter: This class will highlight the important role bees play in agriculture and pollination, including a tasting platter of honey paired with The Craft and Co’s very own house made wine, cheese, and prosciutto.

Salami Making: Learn how to make a traditional salami, including a pairing menu of similar style salumis made on the night and pre-selected beverages.

Where: The Craft & Co, 390 Smith St, Collingwood
When: January – April
More information: Check out their website.