Keeping Fit Like a Melbournian

We’ve gathered together five, true-Melbourne-style ways to keep fit all year round, like a true-blue Melbournian would….

1. Run the Tan
For the uninitiated, the tan is that fabulous dirt running track which encircles the city Royal Botanical Gardens. If you are lucky, you’ll enjoy looping past the Yarra River section whilst a concert is on at the Sidney Myer Musical Bowl, if you aren’t… you’ll come a-cropper on Heartbreak Hill like most of us end up doing.

The tan is an easy stroll or short tram ride from the city, is around 3.85km for one loop, and the quickest lap ever was 10 minutes and 12 seconds, run by Craig Mottram in 2004. At 7.30am on the first Saturday of every month, the Victorian Road Runners offers 4 km and 8 km time-trials around the Tan Track.

Jogger at Royal Botanic Gardens

Jogger at Royal Botanic Gardens. Image credit: Josie Withers


2. Try something different – like Silent Disco Yoga
Yep, how cool does that sound?

On 21 March, Melbournian yogi’s can hit up an After Dark Silent Yoga Disco, 90 minutes of Vinyasa style yoga hosted by one of Australia’s leading instructors, Kate Kendall, accompanied by DJ James Mack on decks. Wearing a pair of noise cancelling headphones, class attendees enjoy no distractions, so it’s all about the music, the breathing and the flow. For more information about this and to purchase tickets, check out their website.

silent-yoga3. Challenge Yourself at the 1000 Steps
Get up nice and early for this one, as the car park fills up fairly quickly, so if you aren’t great at reverse parking into tight car-parking spaces, aim to get there by 8am at the latest.

The 1000 steps in the Dandenong Ranges is a popular spot for those who are training for challenging hikes like the Kokoda Trail, and whilst it’s only around the 20-minute mark to get up to the first section, it works you hard. Thankfully you’ve got 2 options to get to the top, we recommend taking the Kokoda Memorial steps up, and giving your knees a rest on the way down, by taking the Lyrebird Track down.

You can choose to do the full trail which is around 5km, or pause at the first stop, split a banana with your walking pal, and head back on down for some sweet scones, jam and cream in town. You’ve earned it sista!

4. Get on board a fun run (and train like a boss).
Melbourne is the queen of the fun run. Melbourne Marathon, Mothers Day Classic, Run for the Kids, Run Melbourne, Colour Run… the list goes on and on. If there is a cause, Melburnians turn out in the thousands to run in it’s name.

Pick a few that work for you date and distance wise, and get training any way you can with running, spin class, even walking. You’d be amazed how well you actually do in the competitive environment, and pretty soon you’ll be a fun run junky like us.

5. Morning Gloryville (a pre-work dance party)
Every now and then, the Morning Gloryville crew bring a pre-work dance party to town. Pitched as sober raving, conscious clubbing, ticket holders get to dance the morning away before work, in whatever outfit they choose (thinking Burning Man meets Rainbow Serpent), and enjoy free massages, a juice bar, coffee, yoga, and all round love, so when they get to work, they feel pretty darn amazing. These are normally held at 1000£ Bend in the CBD. Keep an eye out on their website for upcoming dates.