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The Life of a Circus Oz Performer

Rob Curtis was always destined to be a  star circus performer. Starting tap dancing and juggling at the age of 11, it wasn’t long before he joined his first circus at just 15 years old. Fast-forward to many years later, Robbie is now a member of the Circus Oz family where he is a juggling, tumbling and acrobats master. We had a chat with him about all things Circus Oz.


Robbie, you started your circus career at such a young age! Was it always a childhood dream that you got to live out?
I was very physical as a youngster. I knew from very early on that I wanted to do something physically creative for a job. When I joined the Flying Fruit Fly Circus and discovered acrobatics and dance, I knew that was all I ever wanted to do!


You definitely have the most fun job of anyone we know, but we can imagine it’s some pretty serious work as well! Can you tell us  what you love most about being a performer in CircusOz?
What I love most about being a performer is the opening night of a new production. There is an air of nervousness, apprehension and excitement in the air. You’re always supported by the ensemble but you have no idea what the audience is going to think and you
just have to believe that the hard work you’ve put in during rehearsals will result in an amazing show.


Can you tell us your funniest/weirdest moments in your time at Circus Oz?
When you work at Circus Oz, every moment is either funny or weird!


Why do you think audiences love Circus Oz so much?
Circus Oz is an Australian icon. It’s been entertaining audiences for nearly 40 years and people that went to see Circus Oz as kids are now taking their kids! Overall I think audiences love Circus Oz because it celebrates community, humanity, hilarity and diversity.


Why should everyone see the upcoming TWENTYSIXTEEN this June?
TWENTYSIXTEEN is a fabulous new show and still classic Circus Oz. It’s full of mind-blowing physical feats, hilarious tricks, live music and you’re guaranteed to have a ridiculously good time.

Finally one of your talents is juggling. Want to give us any tips so that we can show off some circus skills to our friends?
Just start by throwing an object in the air and attempt to catch it with your other hand. Go back and forth and repeat, adding more objects when comfortable. Preferably start with small objects that don’t break or bite.


TWENTYSIXTEEN runs from 15 June to 10 July 2016 at the Circus Oz, Big Top Birrarung Marr.