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The Desperattes: A Lady’s Guide to the Art of Being a Wingman

‘You can be my wingman any time….Bulls***! You can be mine.’

Quite possibly the second best quote from one of the greatest Tom Cruise movies of all time, and line I desperately wanted to drop after seeing this supremely talented trio hit the stage. I want to borrow them next time I’m out on the town… in fact the entire audience did.

As a moderately recently single lass (but not quite at desperate status), I was more than intrigued by the name of this all-girl group, the fabulous show name, and seeing their hot pink beehives in real life. So armed with one of my best actual-girl-wingmen, off we trot, wine in hand to get some tips from these sharply dressed women of the shocking pink hair.

We weren’t disappointed. I’ve come home with a list of fabulously hilarious pick up lines as long as my arm (I’m not sharing as I’ll spoil the show), as well as every single female orientation of the term ‘cock block.’  

A Lady’s Guide to the Art of Being a Wingman  is true feminism without even trying, a cheeky turn of the tables on the ‘wolf pack’ hunting behaviour (some) men apply when out on the town with their mates.

But, wingman tips aside, this was a musical, and a fun one at that. These ladies can sing, and not just individually. Their harmonies were so joyful to listen to. This entire show was an absolute pleasure to watch. We laughed, so hard. We sang along.

I even cried (a little bit). Sharp, satirical and relatable with the voices of Motown angels. A winning combo.

The Desperettes themselves are made up of the gorgeous Daisy (Belinda Hanne Reid), Delilah (Lisa Woodbrook) and DeeDee (Natasha York). Their show wrapped up on Sunday 15 May.

Where: Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place