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A lazy brunch at Street Talk Café

Last weekend, we crossed the river to the south side to Street Talk Café for a late, lazy brunch. Positioned on the High Street, diners have the option of sitting on the tables on the street, inside the cafe or out the back in the undercover courtyard. As lovers of sunshine, we chose the front.

Opening late last year, Street Talk Café is the brainchild of Dean Fouritz and is a simple celebration of coffee and delicious, locally sourced produce, culminating in hearty, wholesome fare. Greek, Italian and Middle Eastern spices are fused in what can simply be described as flavours with extraordinary substance.

We must admit that everything on the menu sounded delicious and we had such a hard time deciding, but after we heard the recommendations from Dean, we knew we had to order the Iron Mike. The dish is described  as cauliflower florets, fresh green peas, yellow lentil puree, toasted chickpeas, burnt lemon, poached eggs, almond flakes and oregano salt. A well-balanced dish in terms of texture and taste with a burnt lemon providing the right tart to the dish. The Iron Mike is a tasty alternative to the usual breakfast fare that you find at other cafes. 


Balancing ourselves with a healthy option, we also opted for The “OG” Acai Bowl – with unsweetened acai berry puree, gluten free granola, seasonal fruits + Co-yo. We forgot to ask what the OG stood for but we can say the bowl was a KO for knockout! The staff reminded us that the bowl was unsweetened so it might be a little less sweet than what we were used to, but we didn’t notice it being unsweet at all. The dish was beautifully presented – almost designed for Instagram, and the flavours had us converts of ordering acai bowls where ever we go to see if any could top it, as this bowl was just perfect.

As sides, we also got to try treats from the cabinet including the vegan bread, which they make in-house and a Berry muffin topped with a Tim Tam.

Street Talk Café is a little gem on High St in Armadale. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon catching up with friends over delicious food.

Visit the Street Talk Cafe website.