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Break Room – Giveaway

Melbourne has a new way to destress and it involves smashing a lot of things.

Dreamed up by entrepreneur Ed Hunter, The Break Room has just opened in Collingwood, after relocating from Brunswick and it’s already a hit (no pun intended) . The rules are simple. Enter the break room and smash everything into smithereens. You are given a baseball bat, 6 plates, 6 wine glasses, 6 cups and 1 carafe, so get creative. Smash them on the floor Greek wedding style, throw them at the wall or throw them in the air to wack them with the baseball bat. The choice is yours.

Breakers must wear long pants and long sleeves, and you’re given protective gear before entering the room. Safety still does come first. You also have the choice of 10 minutes for $50 or 90 minutes for 30 minutes, but of course if you’re really needing to release you’ll be done smashing your goods in 5.

As an exclusive for We Know Melbourne readers, we have one double pass to giveaway to the Break Room. So if you’re having a rough day, just gone through a breakup or just feel the urge to break things enter below:

This competition is now closed.

Terms and conditions here

Competition closes 9 May, 2016

Where: 29 Budd St, Collingwood

Visit the Break Room website.