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Bobby’s Bits – MICF Review

“I’m so gay I own a flannel shirt”. The next 45 minutes are a chuckle-inducing snap-shot into Bobby Macumber’s somewhat wacky life.

With a Father who tries his best to be politically correct, a Mum who’s a champion at aggressive hide and seek, and a girlfriend who’s obsessed with watches but useless at time keeping; Macumber has been provided with plenty of fodder for her show.

Through a series of stories we see Macumber is gifted at creating characters on stage. Her trip to Bali gives her the opportunity to show off her skills, as the audience meet the larger than life locals with interesting marketing techniques. Although it is confusing when the Balinese market sellers sound like they’re very closely related to Apu from The Simpsons.

Each of her stories are very much self-contained, but Macumber could work on her transitions between sketches. It’s obvious there is a theme to the show, but it is missing the flow that a great comedy piece needs.

What really stands out are Macumber’s comedy songs. Her parody of Aretha Franklin’s ‘A Natural Woman’ involves a sing-a-long and a story about drinking an entire bottle of wine to yourself. And who doesn’t love both of those? Her lyrics are brilliantly funny, so it’s such a shame that we only get to hear two of them. A song would be a great way to finish off each section or move between stories, but equally Macumber could easily do a whole performance based around her singing.

Bobby’s Bits is a nice, easy-going show at this year’s Comedy Fest. Macumber warms up as the show goes on, but the audience warm to her as soon as they hear she’s chosen Whitney Houston as her intro playlist. She’s charming, and definitely the right person to share a bottle of wine with at the bar afterwards!

Rating: ★★★

– Joanna Trainor

Joanna is a Journalism student on exchange from London, currently studying at RMIT. Having missed Edfringe last year she is absolutely loving being around Melbourne for the Comedy Fest. She can often be found singing too many show tunes, and drinking all the coffee. Follow her on Twitter, @mintpixeljo, for more stagey ramblings.

When: Until April 3 at 7:30pm

Where: The Downstairs Lounge, Swanston Hotel.

Visit the website here.