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This May, The Irish Film Festival returns to Melbourne with an award-winning program, studded with gems all the way from the Emerald Isle. This year’s all-inclusive Festival is home to seven full length feature films, five documentaries and six shorts, ranging from compelling dramas, hilarious comedies and hard-hitting real-life stories. Feature Films:The official opening night film  is the internationally acclaimed Float like a Butterfly, an uplifting drama from the producers of Sing Street and the Oscar winning film Once. Set in 1972 when Muhammad Ali was set to fight in Dublin, the film follows Frances, a young Irish traveller girl, with big dreams of becoming a champion boxer. Comedy: No Party for Billy Burns follows a would-be cowboy Billy, an innocent farm hand about to leave his dreary life behind him for big dreams of excitement, adventure and romance on the open road. Another offering is Metal Heart, a poignant coming of age comedy that follows twin sisters Chantel and Emma who couldn’t be more different. One Goth and one beauty queen, the sisters’ sibling rivalry …

50/50 Melbourne Comedy Festival

Michael Shafar is a self-proclaimed Jewish atheist, who loves a bargain, hates hugs, and always likes to be right. All jokes aside though – Michael has a really interesting story to tell about his diagnosis and survival of testicular cancer in 2017 through his new Melbourne International Comedy Festival show – 50/50. Not one to appear to throw a pity party for himself, Michael’s jokes are dark, raw and very personal – however he has a warm, sweet style of humour which engages with his broadly diverse audience, despite the hilarious but sometimes R-rated content. His knack for finding the humour in every situation, however dark and unhappy has armed him with a lot of quality laughing material and allowed him to add a positive spin on what most of us would find a terrifying and painful experience. For example, as a male with only half of his, err… nuts to worry about – he now enjoys the comfort of skinny jeans, something many men could not attest to – a silver lining, and so …


*** COMPETITION NOW CLOSED*** Dead Weight. That was what Christ Grammar Coach Russel of the Immaculate Conception’s B Reserve netball team called Charisa Bossinakis. She then dutifully quit her dreams of competitive sports and instead settled for comedy. In this show she questions where it all went wrong. Could it be the fact that she can name each Kardashian but not all three branches of government? Or maybe that she completed a mime credit at university? Here is your chance to win x1 double pass on us. Simply share this post and tag us @weknowmelbourne (your profile must be public so we can see the share!). Get a bigger chance to win by filling the form on We Know Melbourne Website. More info: Competition closes on 5thApril 2019.

WIN: 1 x double pass for 50/50 By Michael Shafar

***COMPETITION NOW CLOSED*** One of Australia’s fasting rising comedy stars, Melbournian Michael Shafar, returns to the Melbourne Comedy Festival with a brand-new show, 50/50, at Victoria Hotel 28 March – 21 April. Here is your chance to win x1 double pass on us.Simply share this post on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @weknowmelbourne (your profile must be public so we can see the share!). Get a bigger chance to win by filling the form on We Know Melbourne Website. Competition closes on 25thMarch 2019. More info:  

Win x1 double pass for Silent Comedy Festival – Arbory Bar & Eatery

***COMPETITION NOW CLOSED*** Following three sell out seasons, Arbory Bar & Eatery’s Silent Comedy Festival returns to cement itself as one of the most popular events on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Program. Inspired by the silent disco phenomenon, Silent Comedy is a stand-up comedy gig like no other. Located on Melbourne’s iconic Yarra River and situated next to Flinders Street Station, the venue is best known for its energetic bar, views of the river and hugely popular list of burgers. With the use of headphones, the comedian’s jokes are delivered direct to the audience via headphone sets leaving passer-by’s and railway commuters open to becoming subject matter and the butt of punchlines. Come laugh out loud to yourself. Here is your chance to win x1 double pass on us. Simply share this post on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @weknowmelbourne (your profile must be public so we can see the share!). Get a bigger chance to win by filling the form on We Know Melbourne Website. Competition closes on 29th March 2019.    

Win x1 double pass for Melbourne’s Home for Improvised Shakespeare

****COMPETITION NOW CLOSED *** Two shows will be produced producing two shows for the MELBOURNE International Comedy Festival: Completely Improvised Potter and Completely Improvised Shakespeare. Both shows are wonderful fun, have received rave reviews and are a great night out. Here is your chance to win x1 double pass on us. Simply share this post on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @weknowmelbourne (your profile must be public so we can see the share!). Get a bigger chance to win by filling the form on We Know Melbourne Website.  Competition closes on 21st March 2019.    

MICF Review: Jacqueline Mifsud “Be Better!”

Having read a bit of back story before the show, I was excited for what was to come – her story is empowering and great motivation to ‘be better’, if she can do it why can’t you!  Remising about growing up and her relationship with her mother is something we can all relate to. Nothing being good enough and trying to take control, especially over a cheese platter… we have all been there! Mifsud’s hilarious take on the ‘wog’ family life left nothing to the imagination and had everyone in stitches as did her witty analogy to her spirit animal – the blue ringed octopus!  As brilliant as the show is, her comedy can be somewhat a little dark and tackle some big issues in the media right now such as cyber bullying and eating disorders. Her take on this is still very funny, however could be a touchy subject for some. The overall theme of the show is ‘be better’ and don’t be a d**khead, her idea of what makes a d**khead is fantastic …

MICF Review: Daniel Connell “Bit of Shush”

Daniel Connell’s ‘Bit of Shush’ reaches out to all those who could use a bit more quiet in their lives. Whether you are seeking a break from hoons tearing up the streets, friends foisting foreign gourmet food on you or an increasing tide of political correctness Connell has you covered. Using some good ol’ Aussie self deprecating humour and delightful nostalgia he tackles some serious issues, like his Elon Musk induced existential crisis and Australian attitudes to refugees. If you’re a fan of TLC references and childhood favourite Allen’s Killer Pythons then this is the show for you (maybe not your kids though, it gets a bit bawdy!). A Bit of Shush is a great example of dry observational humour, with ‘No Scrubs’ allowed. 4 1/2 stars Reviewed and written by our guest writer –  Caitlin Carter Where: Melbourne Town Hall, Backstage Room, 100 Swanston Street When: 8:15 or 7:15pm, selected nights until 22 April. For more information and tickets check out the MICF website.

MICF Review: G’Day Comrade

G’Day Comrade answers that age-old(?) question.. ‘what do you get when a Russian bride, a nerdy scientist and a failed rock star walk into a bar?’ The result, a fun evening of Russian stereotype puns, Dostoyevsky references, random dancing and the stand up talent of three Russian comedians with some pretty impressive street cred. Comedians Kaychu Symon, Gosha Bodryi, Gleb Tugushev and special guest Kirill Sietlov all bring their own unique style of observational humour to Comedy Festival goers, applying a quirky, adorably confused Russian perspective to classic Australianisms, and the legal limit of only two Vladimir Putin based jokes. Aside from a couple of jokes that went a little beyond dark humour, the crowd loved this sweetly hilarious show, which offered a nice balance of performance, and audience interaction. On its debut season, G’day Comrade is not a perfectly polished or sophisticated comedy show, but it’s a must-see for those who love simple, self-deprecating humour – with enough sweet warmth to thaw an icy Russian heart on a bitter winters day. Tickets start from …

WIN 1 x double pass to Comedy Festival

– competition now closed – Prepare yourself for lashings of laughter as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival returns! From 28 March to 22 April 2018 Melbourne will once again become the happiest place on Earth, with thousands of performers bringing non-stop joy to stages across the city. We are excited to announce that we have some tickets to giveaway! Your chance to win 1 x double pass to one of the shows below. *Competition closes on 16 March* Daniel Connell – Bit Of Shush When: 30 March 2018 G’day Comrade! When: 31 March 2018 Cameron James – Chilled Out Fired Up When: 29 March 2018 Jacqueline Mifsud Be Better! When: 29 March 2018 The Big HOO-HAA! When: 30 March 2018 How to enter Comedy Festival giveaway competition? 1) Like our page on Facebook 2) Tag a friend who you would like to take 3) Share this post on your Facebook and tell us which show you’d like to attend Remember to stay tuned on our page as more shows will be added!