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Jurassic Nights

Dare to explore Jurassic World at night? This June, Jurassic World: The Exhibition is opening the gates every Friday night so you can see the park after hours. Based on one of the biggest blockbusters in cinema history, the Exhibition immerses audiences of all ages in scenes inspired by the beloved film. Now, the park that was only a promise comes to life… right before your eyes. Enjoy the Jurassic World exhibition at night, with special guest DJs and a drink at the Jurassic Lounge. When: 6pm-9pm  Fridays, June 2016 Where: Museum Victoria Visit the Museum Victoria website.

The 5 Events You Can’t Miss this April

The days are getting shorter, the nights longer, but that doesn’t mean that Melbourne is slowing down in any way! Check out our pick of the best events this April. Cuddle all the dogs at the Dog Lovers Show! April 29 – May 1. A family friendly event that where you’ll get to meet all kinds of pooches, big and small. There’ll be over 200 stalls where you can learn about the ins and outs of owning and caring for a dog, get some doggy face painting and last but not least meet Dr Chris Brown from Bondi Vet.   Explore the history of Australian Fashion at the NGV. 5 March – 31 July. Walk through the history of Australian Fashion at the NGV’s latest exhibition: 200 Years of Australian Fashion. Featuring over 120 works from more than ninety designers, including Dion Lee, Ellery and Romance was born. This is a must for all the fashionistas. Catch a film at the Spanish Film Festival 13 April – 1 May. This year’s program is filled with a …

200 Years of Australian Fashion at NGV

Walk through the history of Australian Fashion at the NGV’s latest exhibition: 200 Years of Australian Fashion. Featuring over 120 works from more than ninety designers, this is the first major survey of Australian fashion to be undertaken in this country. From the early dressmaking establishments of Brisbane to the mid-century salons of Collins Street, to the contemporary studios by Bondi’s beaches, 200 Years of Australian Fashion traverses over two centuries of fashion design in Australia. Take a walk through four galleries featuring the best of the best Australian fashion design including Dion Lee, Ellery, Romance Was Born and Toni Maticevski alongside key designs from the past 200 years, including exquisite examples of historic design. When: 5 March – 31 July 2016 Where: Ian Potter Centre, National Gallery of Victoria Visit the website here. Want to find out more about what’s happening in Melbourne? Sign up to the We Know Melbourne mailing list here to stay in the loop.

Unset Typologies

‘Unset Typlogies’  by Izabela Pluta, explores how the nature of photomural wallpaper enables observers to hypothesise the existence of a past and glimpse the possibility of a future while inviting us to contemplate the relentless renewal of the CBD over time. Commissioned by the City of Melbourne Public Art Program, her photomural banner depicts a transitional site, where light fittings, ceiling panels, vents and lights are suspended as a result of a building’s transformation. When: 30 Jan 2013 – 30 Dec 2015 Where: CitiPower Substation, 620-640 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, Visit the website here. 

Voices from Afghanistan Exhibition

The Voices from Afghanistan exhibition will display over 850 objects illustrating the experiences of Australians at war and in peacekeeping operations, from Pre-Federation to the present day, with a particular focus on individual and unit stories of Victorian service and sacrifice. The  temporary exhibition is located in the  Galleries of Remembrance, a $45 million Victorian Government redevelopment that utilises 1,600 square metres of undercroft space that exists beneath the Shrine of Remembrance and will present the perspectives of participants, of those affected by the war – both in Afghanistan and in Australia – and of eyewitnesses to the conflict. When: 11 November 2014 – 27 March 2016. Where: Shrine of Remembrance Visit the website here. 

Victoriana Pleasure Garden

The Victoriana Pleasure Garden exhibition launches at Tasma Terrace this Friday. The exhibition seex a fusion of nineteenth century high fashion, photography and culture from acclaimed photographer Gerard O’Connor and stylist Marc Wasiak.  Capturing the spirit of the Victoriana garden party and Spring in all its glory, this is one garden party not to be missed. Don’t miss their pop-up bar this Friday with food, wine, beer and bubbles. When: Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm, October 5 – December 18 2015 Where: Tasma Terrace, 6 Parliament Place, East Melbourne 3002   Visit the website here.


Animaga Expo 2015

The Animaga expo will see anime lovers unite and experience the hottest games, Japanese fashion, pop-culture and a range of fan-driven interactives. Activities will include a cosplay competition, karaoke, video and table-top gaming, drawing tuition, mecha area, maid cafe, concerts and more. When: Saturday 5th and Sunday 6 Sept 2015 Where: Royal Exhibition Building Visit the website here. 


The Right to Know

The Red Cross has been helping people for so long now that sometimes it is easy to take them for granted. That’s why it’s timely that there’s a new exhibition at the Immigration Museum celebrating 100 years of the Red Cross International Tracing Service. The service helps re unite families separated by wars, conflicts and natural disasters. Megan Goodman, the Program Directors says that the service has heard “heartbreaking stories of people who have fled war and conflict, of children forced from their parents at gunpoint and of husbands disappearing on their way to work. Using Red Cross’ network in 189 countries we can get messages to places where formal postal services don’t operate, where telephones don’t work and where others cannot go.” The fascinating stories of some of the families that the service has helped are on display at The Right to Know. 100 Years of the Red Cross Tracing Service Reuniting Families at the Immigration Museum When: 1st July until 25th October. Cost: Included with museum entry. Visit the website here. 

Modern Love

“You would think that a rock star being married to a super-model would be one of the greatest things in the world. It is.”—David Bowie They say that when David Bowie first saw his supermodel wife, Iman Khan it was love at first sight. 23 years later and the couple seem to be going as strong as ever. But before Iman, David Bowie was as prolific in love as he was at amassing one of the world’s most epic catalogues of art. Check out the ‘knew that’s’ and ‘no-ways?’ of his love life: Angela Bowie: Before Iman, there was Angela Bowie, David Bowie’s first wife who he met when they were dating the same man. They divorced 10 years later. Susan Sarandon: Susan spilled the beans and that during the 80’s she had a “wild love affair” with David Bowie after co-starring with him in the 1983 Vampire Flick – The Hunger. Susan, we never knew! Mick Jagger: Acccording to Mick’s 2012 books, “Mick the wild life and mad genius of Mick Jagger, “ Mick and David had an ongoing …