The Right to Know


The Red Cross has been helping people for so long now that sometimes it is easy to take them for granted. That’s why it’s timely that there’s a new exhibition at the Immigration Museum celebrating 100 years of the Red Cross International Tracing Service. The service helps re unite families separated by wars, conflicts and natural disasters.

Megan Goodman, the Program Directors says that the service has heard “heartbreaking stories of people who have fled war and conflict, of children forced from their parents at gunpoint and of husbands disappearing on their way to work. Using Red Cross’ network in 189 countries we can get messages to places where formal postal services don’t operate, where telephones don’t work and where others cannot go.”

The fascinating stories of some of the families that the service has helped are on display at The Right to Know. 100 Years of the Red Cross Tracing Service Reuniting Families at the Immigration Museum

When: 1st July until 25th October.

Cost: Included with museum entry.

Visit the website here.