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MICF Review: Chimp Cop “The Death of Chimp Cop”

Ben Vernel, Adam Knox, Rosie Vernel and Timothy Clark are Melbourne’s own sketch comedy quadruple “Chimp Cop”.  The group brings their fourth Chimp Cop show to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with “The Death of Chimp Cop”.  This reviewer was familiar with the group by name only and was uncertain what to expect but was blown away by the talent, the gags (ranging from sophisticated to Dad joke) and the production of the show.

As the title would suggest, the show centre’s around the death of beloved hero cop turned movie star, “Chimp Cop”.  Easily moving between scenes, including a modern-day court setting, where Chimp Cop’s children have their lawyers battle it out over their inheritance to flashbacks of Chimp Cop’s life, a fantastic action filled story is woven.  At times the show felt like a sensational combination of the 60s Batman and Get Smart tv series and was a gag-a-minute roller coaster ride with a plot twist that Hollywood would be proud of.

The room was packed, with friends, long time fans and now new fans, who were made to laugh til they snorted, with the Chimp Cop team and their tech hitting their marks with the ease of professionals.  Definitely get along to see The Death of Chimp Cop but grab your tickets quickly as their shows are selling out!

4 ½ stars
Reviewed and written by our guest writer –  Shannon Murphy
Where:Trades Hall – The Archive Room, 54 Victoria St, Carlton, Carlton
When: 7:30 or 8:30pm, various nights until 22 April.
For more information and tickets check out the MICF website.