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Review: ArtVo – Immersive Gallery

This one of a kind, engaging ‘trick art’ gallery features over 11 themed zones where you can immerse yourself in the pieces – literally, according to your iPhone camera.

Featuring fourteen international artists in a 1900 square metre space, you’ll be drawn into the artwork splashed all over the interior of the gallery. If that doesn’t grab you, the infectious enthusiasm of the Art Vo team providing encouragement and negotiating you into the best position for your own creative image surely will.

You can’t miss the Dimensional Dreams Zone, where you’ll produce inconceivable tricks across multiple scenes. Stand on your best friends head, hang from the roof or swish your family around in a wine glass. Anything is possible!

Handy hint – look down at the floor for instructions on the best results. The Photo Points will prompt you and your phone toward the ideal outcome.

Located in the Docklands and open until late on the weekends, ArtVo is absolutely one not to miss – loads of fun for all ages.

Reviewed and written by our guest writer –  Jessica Morris