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Interview – Daragh Kan

Hightail bar, the new go to spot for an after work drinks, catch up with old mates or maybe just for a casual lunch. The décor of the bar is so elegant, yet quirky. The drinks are delicious and the food is unbeatable. Everything you need and want in one place, all you need to do is bring along your friends and have 100 Orders app ready to go. Let Daragh Kan, one of the owners of Hightail Bar tell you a little bit more about the venue and himself.

Tell us Daragh, what was your team’s main inspiration behind this extravagant Hightail Bar and what makes it different?
We wanted to create an escape for people in the surrounding areas and that’s where the concept of building a watering hole came from. With so many office workers in the area, having a bit of an oasis for them to take a break from work seemed like a smart idea.

For Hightail Bar first timers, what is the best way to experience it?
With a group of friends and an empty stomach. Head down, grab a table and then download our app 100 Orders. The app lets you order and pay for all your drinks and food from Mr Burger, Belles Hot Chicken and Super Taco and get it delivered straight to your table.

We know Melbourne is an amazing city, but what made you choose Melbourne to open up Hightail Bar?
Melbourne’s my home town and it’s where our business is based, so it makes sense for us to open venues here. We’re currently looking at some venues interstate, but Melbourne will always be home base for us.

What is your next adventure after Hightail Bar?
We’ve got a couple of new venues we’re working on at the moment, but right now our focus is on getting Hightail up and running.

Can you tell us a little about your background and how you got to where you are today?
I was born in Ireland and moved to Australia when I was 4. My first job was as a lounge boy at a pub in Ireland when I was 13, so I’ve been around hospitality all my life. When I finished school I started a few different degrees before completing a Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship. I was working in bars and events and opened a club when I was still studying. We founded Mr Burger in 2012 and the group now includes Belles Hot Chicken, Welcome To Thornbury, Super Taco and others.

As a successful entrepreneur like yourself, what would be your top tips for those who are wanting to start up a business?
Don’t be worried about what you don’t know. You’ll learn it along the way. The best thing to do if you want to start a business is to start it. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or changing course.

Let’s get a little fun here, if you could be anywhere right now where would it be and why?
Probably Japan. It’s one of my favourite countries to visit for so many reasons. The people, culture, food, architecture. I could go on, but if you haven’t been, I’d highly recommend it.

What is your favourite place in Melbourne during Spring?
The CBD. I live in the CBD and it’s my favourite place any time of year. People start coming out of their shells after winter and there’s a real sense of excitement around town. I think a lot of people don’t consider the CBD as a place they would like to live, but for me I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you could describe yourself under 5 words, what would it be?
Normal guy doing cool stuff

Lastly, tell us the five things in life you can’t live without.
Wifi, Uber, iPhone, Friends and Sparkling Mineral Water


Where: Collins Square
When: Monday to Friday, please check their website for opening hours.
More information: Check out their website