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Shabu-Shabu your chilly Melbourne days away at Tetsujin

Dear vego friends, we have found the shabu shabu heaven for you. Shabu shabu is a Japanese hotpot dish where you cook all raw ingredients in a broth. The name shabu shabu comes from the Japanese sound and action of the thinly sliced meat being swished with chopsticks in the hotpot. With no surprise by the origin of the name, traditionally you would have thinly sliced meat (typically beef), seafood and veggies prepared for your hotpot.









At Tetsujin, they understand how delicious shabu shabu is and so they cater for their vegetarian friends in Melbourne! There are more than 20 different vegetarian ingredients (45 ingredients in total for the meat eaters) you can add to your broth and make your ultimate shabu shabu!

Step 1 – choose the vegetable stock. Step 2 – choose your veggies from the menu. Step 3 – taste the stock before you put the ingredients in (it will not disappoint). Step 4 – time to shabu shabu. Step 5 – dip the cooked food in one of the three sauces they provide (sesame paste, soy sauce and ponzu sauce – a citrus-based sauce mixed with soy sauce). Step 6 – ENJOY YOUR NIGHT AWAY!

Our favourites of Tetsujin’s vegetarian ingredients are – bean curd skin, udon noodles, konjac noodles, all the mushrooms (including shitake, enoki, oyster mushroom and more), Chinese cabbage and the vegetarian gyozas.

Shabu shabu, the perfect way to catch up with a group of friends; as traditionally it is designed for sharing! Get your vegetarian friends together, try all the vegetarian dishes they offer and swish your way to hotpot heaven.


Where: 4th Floor of Emporium (Entry via Caledonia Lane)
When: Monday – Saturday. Please check the website for opening hours.
More information: Check out their website