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Where to relax in the Melbourne CBD

Melbourne is a fast paced metropolis with intrigue, action and something new on every corner. Local or visitor, this excitement can soon turn to exhaustion, especially if you’re in desperate need of TLC – Think overworking it, post Europe jetlag, or a good old fashioned hangover. We’ve got our top picks for kicking back in the heart of Melbourne.

I don’t want to have to do anything at all – Onsen Ma

Bring a little slice of Japanese tranquillity to your day with a trip to Onsen Ma, Melbourne’s favourite Japanese bathhouse. Surrounded by a traditional wooden interior, the pools are a warm soak in heaven. As they say on their website “Japanese bathing cleanses the body and serves to refresh and relax. It is also considered to calm the kokoro (person’s spirit or heart) and is good for both physical and psychological/spiritual well-being”. Make the most out of your trip with the inclusion of a japanese dry or oil massage and foot treatment to really punch stress in the throat. An important thing to remember? Onsens do not allow for swimwear – In both private and public baths, bathers are dressed only in their birthday suits, and separated by gender. We say let it go and embrace the nude in the name of relaxation.


I’m emotional and physically crumpled up – Yoga Corner

Yoga corner’s tagline is literally ‘Your oasis in the heart of the city’ – Without practice even beginning, the interior is cosy, minimalist and delightful with pops of colour. If you can get past the merch rack filled with gorgeous yoga pants in every pattern imaginable, the timetable is broad and encompassing for everyone – choose a Hot Yoga challenge, a comfortable Vinyasa, or just step in on Wednesday afternoon for a led 45 minute meditation session. While yoga can be a challenge (I personally have about twenty backwards legs and no upper body strength during sun salutations) the post yoga benefits are well worth it. And Jet lag has nothing on a good old fashioned savasana.


Is it just stress or have I actually done something bad – Core Therapy

We’re probably biased, since a few members of the team see Danny on the regular, but Core Therapy is your blessing for a frozen shoulder suddenly acting up on holidays, weird elbow pain after sports and when your body is just feeling a general wreck. If you’ve fallen asleep on a weird angle upright on your hotel bed (phone in hand; shoes still on) and need a serious muscular rejuvenation, Core Therapy is your Go To. Dry needling, cupping and of course remedial and sports massage are all on the cards here.

I have no chill left and it’s giving me chin acne – Sakura Lounge

An urban warehouse encompasses this traditional Japanese inspired interior, adding to the ambience of Sakura lounge. Offering beauty treatments alongside massage, Sakura is ideal for the weary individual who needs polishing alongside their unwinding. With light lunches and champagne upgrades available, Sakura is dedicated to bringing you back to a good place, skin wise and soul wise.

When I said I don’t want to have to do anything, I REALLY meant it – Sensu Spa

The sister enterprise to Sakura lounge, Sensu spa is the CBD’s first spa to include float tanks. Sensory Deprivation tanks (or “float” tanks as the marketing simplifies) are pods filled with highly salinated water, creating a gravity defying sensation of weightlessness. Enclosed against all visual and audio stimulus, you are given the chance to relax, mentally and physically, and float in a space free of city life, work life, and real life. Add to your treatment with massage, facials and beauty options.

Help me, I’m broke and need to relax – Carlton Gardens/Abbotsford Garden

If money isn’t on your side, take it easy. Carlton Gardens is the city’s easiest and most elegant option for Plant therapy. Join businessmen and uni kids in stretching out across the lawns or leaning against ancient oaks and take a much needed break amongst plants that don’t talk back or have urgent deadlines.

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