It’s a bit cheesy, but we’re in love with Raclette

Gooey. Melted. Cheese. If anything screeches “Fill me up like a hibernating bear” it’s The Raclette – the act of smothering warm potatoes, pickles and other delicious things in Raclette cheese that flows like Alpine lava.

Currently at South Melbourne Market, you can find Frencheese‘s pop up, serving this delight to your hungry hungry winter belly. Frencheese has even added entertainment to your dish by serving it with an optional salad.

Should you miss a chance at your fix, check out Maker and Monger at The Prahran Market, or head up into Collingwood to Smithward who – take a deep breath – combine The Raclette with mac n cheese. It’s called the Rac’n’Mac. And it’s only available on Thursdays, because Smithward know you probably thought it was Friday already and need to eat something comforting.

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What: The Raclette by Frencheese pop up at South Melbourne Markets
Where: The South Melbourne Market, Coventry Street, South Melbourne. Stall 45.

Words by Lee Douglas

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