MICF Review: Nikki Britton is Romanticide

We recently head along to check out super face-paced, anti-romance comedy – Nikki Britton is Romanticide as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

From the moment we arrived, we were hit with hilarious, laugh out loud comedy from a lady that says everything we are all thinking as she shares her own true stories about dating, single life, getting older and the mysteries behind life.

Every single girl within the room caught themselves out nodding along as her continuous comment “This doesn’t happen to normal people” reminds them of their your own cringe-worthy stories. Being that they are all her own true stories, it does get emotional at times as she describes a heart-break and unbroken hope for true love but always lifts the crowds moods quickly in her hysterical fashion even if that does involve acting out seeing her ex and then falling into a tower of Tim-tams, which quickly melted under her.

Nikki tied her performance together with a continuous reference to the two characters that she is in life – a classy, playing it cool slash keeping it casual dream girl in comparison to the reality of the track pant wearing, packet of biscuits in bed eating, hopeless romantic (aren’t we all).

Beware if you head along to check it out as a couple as Nikki will probably pick you out, want to know all of the details and play with the idea of your ‘happy relationship.’

We’d sum up the performance as a fantastically loud, over-sexual 2nd cousin (that we all have) that stumbles out at the very end of every party with her smeared red lipstick around her mouth.

Sublime! 4.5-stars.

Be sure to check out this little gem before it wraps on 23 April at the end of the Festival.

Where: Ladies Lounge, Forum Theatre (Cnr Flinders & Russell Street)
When:  Nightly, until 23 April
More information / tickets: Check out the MICF website.