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Top 5 – MICF Under 30 Club

We’re always keen to check out some up and coming Melbourne International Comedy Festival performers to round out a full festival experience, and 2017 will be no exception. Not only are tickets to these shows cheaper than larger more established names, you’ll also get the supreme pleasure of saying to your friends in 2 years’ time…. ‘I totally saw them before they were huge..’

Enter, our top 5 picks for shows this festival featuring comedians under 30 who are making their mark (or already have) this MICF.

Sam Taunton – Taunts Down for What

Sam was a RAW Comedy finalist and has self-appointed himself as Australia’s premier yarn man. His show covers important topics like his regretful teenage years, travel, and whether he cleans his bed enough. 30 March – 23 April 2017. Tickets and more information on MICF website.

Becky Lucas – Little Bitch

Becky has previously written for TV’s Please Like Me, and has already opened for big names like Wil Anderson and Joel Creasey. Her show, Little Bitch has been described as ‘Refreshingly Real, with No Gimmicks – code for: sass, at its best. 31 March – 23 April. Tickets and more information on MICF website.

Rhys Nicholson – I’m Fine

A Barry Award nominee, Rhys has been described as an impeccable sartorialist with a smart mouth, and he brings his brand new show to the 2017 MICF. A brilliant comedy pedigree, he’s supported the likes of Amy Schumer, Kathy Griffin and Wil Anderson and is definitely one to watch. 31 March – 23 April. Tickets and more information on MICF website.

Demi Lardner – Look What You Made Me Do

Demi has a list of awards under her belt as long as our arm, from Best Newcomer at the 2016 Sydney Comedy Festival, to Winner – Raw Comedy in 2013, and more. Her show description reads thus: Come see a 23-year-old act out her mid-life crisis under the guise of a sh***y stepdad who builds luxury doghouses. 31 March – 23 April. Tickets and more information on MICF website.

Claire Sullivan
I Wish I Owned a Hotel for Dogs

Not really stand up, not really sketch, an in-between concept perfect for weird comedy and dog lovers alike. Claire’s show is about dogs, feminism, the inner-monologues of joggers, gross poetry, dogs and more dogs (but no ACTUAL dogs in the show…) 30 March – 8 April. Tickets / more info on the MICF website.

Lastly, if you would rather see five up-and-comers in one hit and get some serious bang for your buck, we highly recommend heading along to see The Comedy Zone, which features: Danielle Walker, Tim Hewitt, Tom Ashman and Rohan all in one night, at the Trades Hall in Carlton, 30 March – 23 April. Tickets and more information on the MICF.

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