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Proud to Be a Chef Awards

Do you love cheese as much as we do? Is dairy THE diet you can’t go without? Fonterra, a global co-operatively owned company which sources high-quality milk products recently hosted the annual Proud To Be A Chef Awards, and we were lucky to be invited to their gala dinner this year.

The program has been running for 18 years and this year, with no surprise, was an amazing success for both Fonterra and the contestants. Each year, Fonterra Foodservice provide a not-to-be-missed opportunity for 30+ young and ambitious apprentice chefs to go on an incredible culinary experience.

Giles Gabutina, the winner of Proud To Be A Chef 2017 is a young inspiring pastry chef based in Sydney. He got his first job in the kitchen when he was 16 and is keen to work hard to achieve his culinary dreams. In his own words “I hope to “bake” the world a better place by inspiring people to follow their dreams in the same way my inspirations have done for me.” And here he is today, not only the winner of Proud To Be A Chef but also the winner for the Best Sweet Dish!
Follow his journey on Instagram and be inspired.


So tell us, has it always been your dream to become a professional chef? Because we know that Proud To Be A Chef is a program that will get your foot in the door. Get your chance to win an international scholarship which will be tailored to your individual aspirations as a professional chef. You will also be participating in a 4 day all expenses paid event like dining in a fine dining restaurant.

When: September 2017
Where: To be Announced
More information:  Check their website.