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Arts Review: Sad Digger Mad Mary

Digger, a shell-shocked soldier, sent back from the war for reasons which become clearer as the story progresses, lives hermit-style in a gum leaf shanty in the Australian bush with his little mate Bluey (expertly played by a toy dog on a skateboard), trying to escape the war, his personal persecution and memories which haunt him about a man he once loved.

Before going into this one-man show, you’d be forgiven for thinking it might just contain some pretty heavy content, but then suddenly, the story takes a colorful, unexpected twist in the way that all fringe theatre productions do.

Enter Mary Poppins, a character dreamed up by Digger’s tormented madness, to save him from himself. But a Mary Poppins interpreted as you’ve never seen her before… meaner, nastier, shinier, better, more interesting, hilarious.

Through Mary’s tough-love guidance, inter-space and time travel, Digger is able to finally find his true self, and free himself from the shackles imposed by an earlier time, emerging as a strong, proud individual

Sad Digger Mad Mary is weird, but only in the way that the best shows are. It takes you on tangents here there and everywhere, punctuated with fabulous singing, smart quips and brilliant character transition, as Tom Halls moves effortlessly between them all.

Tom, who also wrote this piece is nothing short of awesome in this role.

Mary Poppins meets, Gallipoli, with a tiny bit of influence from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sad Digger Proud Mary is a show for anyone and everyone with a sense of humor who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

When: This show has now closed.
Where: La Mama Courthouse, 349 Drummond Street, Carlton
More Information: Check out their website.