Summer Seafood Sensation

Originally a Queenslander, I have to say, I’m pretty into seafood, I could shell prawns before I knew my times tables, in my family… if you didn’t peel your own prawns, you didn’t get any, so you learned pretty quickly the art of the perfectly peeled prawn.

So, with the herald of this ripper summer weather in Melbourne (warm sunny nights, daylight savings, two dinners…) its pretty exciting for us to see a fresh new offering in Shark Bay Summer Seafood Sensations, running at Southbank restaurant, Left Bank from 5 February until 22 March.

Imagine sitting back, drinking a gorgeous, crisp glass of white, matched with fresh, Shark Bay prawns and blue swimmer crab sliders by the banks of the Yarra on a glorious Melbourne night… that’s what we did recently when invited to taste this special limited edition menu.

Stand outs for us were without a doubt the fresh prawn cocktail, and marinated king prawns on bamboo skewers. The skewers came in four flavours, but the bourbon, chili honey was the real star of the show. We were very guilty of going back for thirds and fourths of these.

Shark Bay, a heritage listed, well-protected area, around 900km north of Perth is the source for the seafood on this menu. The bay itself is home to a large sea grass bed which filters the water, infusing it with nutrients and gives the seafood a unique, flavor and excellent texture. Basically, it tastes like great, quality seafood, not the frozen stuff. Sublime.

The offering is available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights at various times and a different signature dish each day of the week.

Where: Left Bank Melbourne, 1 Southbank Blvd, Southbank
When: Sunday 5 Feb – Wed 22 March 2017
More information: Check their website