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Fringe Review: ApocOlympics

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, where basic human needs like clean water, non-radioactive cruise ship holidays and steel may or may not still be available, and the simple act of going to work to build a sporting stadium comes with the risk of being carried off by mutant crows, ApocOlympics is smart humour for witty, intelligent people, brought to you by the fabulous comedy partnership of Dan Pavavitch and Justin Porter.

The concept of an Olympics that far into the future having been re-adapted for the conditions of the modern environment, and the mutations of man is made even more absurd as the actual events over time have themselves evolved to the point of non-recognition and even fight-to-the-death level, making for some dark, but fantastic jokes.

This show is a groovy, multi-layered-style sketch which coils tighter and tighter around a core central storyline, eventually funnelling out into that point where everything becomes linked for a clear, clean close off where things basically pick up where they began – for the most part.

Dan and Justin have a great chemistry and together excel at dry, deadpan humour, the kind of dialogue that you sit back and think about afterwards, and still get a cheeky little belly laugh from. They move quickly through multiple sketches, switching between characters with ease, like a finely choreographed dance, delivering each scene gloriously, and every now and then working with the live audience environment to give you a tiny reminder of their improv roots.

You’ll definitely come away with a nice, healthy fear of post-apocalyptic crows and a new appreciation for shower caps.

You should definitely get along and see these guys on their last night as part of the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival, as they close tonight, Sunday 2 October.

Where: The Tickle Pit @ Fancy Hanks – 456 Queen Street Melbourne
When: Until Sunday 2 October
More Info: Check out their Facebook page