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Fringe Review: CULL

This show is self-described as a ‘trashy, David Lynchian, wet nightmare sketch show about deleting your Facebook friends and the absurdity of social media’ and yep, that just about fits the bill perfectly.

Cull is dark, dark humour. The kind that comes fresh from a deep well of millennial cynicism, finally jaded enough to burst the social media bubble of perfection.

Duo Honor Wolff and Patrick Durnam Silva have a pretty cool groove going on, even if at times it’s a little rough around the edges, it’s funny. We laughed the whole time.

This show in short, is dark, but fun.

Honor and Patrick have almost too much intensity between them, but it’s necessary to lift the audience out of the dark content, back into their very fabulous balance with high-energy cray.

The best part of Cull is the enjoyment taken from poking delicious fun at the ‘Cute Cats of Instagram’, the ‘Fitspo’ tools who do anything but inspire the average punter, ‘awareness challenges’ and a physically awkward look at the people who are socially inept outside of their carefully cultivated Facebook image and ‘I’m so fun’ online chat dialogue.

This 50 minute package is peppered with really clever parts, mixed with moments of uncomfortability, it’s visually in-your-face, but it will make you laugh. Hard.

If you love black comedy of the darkest level, you will love this, even if you are a little challenged by the content. But really, what on earth would a Fringe show be without pushing the boundaries of creativity and humour.

You’ll probably be inspired to cull a few of your Facebook friends in the process.

Liked and shared guys.

Where: Courthouse Hotel, North Melbourne
When: 6pm, until 23rd September
More Information: (ironically) Check out their Facebook page.