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Review: Show & Tell for Grown Ups

As a child, being picked for the weekly show and tell was always daunting. The idea of getting up in front of everyone when you’re a wee one and recounting your story about some object that you thought was the bees knees, but wasn’t sure whether would impress your your fellow classmates or make them snicker and pass notes behind your back was just terrifying.  On the flip side if you were one of the children watching, it was always fun – you got to see pets, toys or the latest holiday souvenir – and must of the time got to play with their object after.

Fast forward to life as an adult. Have you ever thought what you would be willing to show off in front of everyone ? Did you have your childhood pet taxidermied? Do you treasure the cigarette butt some famous singer flicked into the crowd after the gig of a lifetime? What holds sentimental value for you?

Last night, we questioned what we would proudly share with others at Show and Tell for Grown Ups, presented by The Wheeler Centre. Taking over The Toff’s bandroom, the evening was hosted by author Tony Wilson and audience members were encouraged to participate in between each speaker. Tony brought his own show and tell for the evening too, including one very impressive arm wrestling trophy and also a framed picture of a monkey riding a greyhound  – one would say a very hot topic at the moment.


The story tellers of the night included comedian and Moth Mc, Cal Wilson who told us a story about her discerning but loving grandmother and her cookie jar; comedian and Bulldogs banner writer, Danny McGinlay who told the story about he became the writer for the banners with a piece of banner crepe as his object; and last but not least the moving and emotional story from Damian Callinan and the sentimental value behind a loquat jar wrapped in his mother’s scarves and undies bag. We won’t ruin the ending of Damian’s story but there were definitely a few tears rolling down a few of the audience’s faces, before quickly turning to laughter as we all imitated what birds look like when they taste loquats. Try and hear his story somewhere if you can!

While it was a shame there was no one brave enough from the audience to share their show and tell this time, we were told that at the last show there was at least 10 daring souls. At the next one we’re definitely coming prepared and will muster up the courage to get up on stage. Now where’s our treasure chest?!

When: Next date to be confirmed.

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