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Review: Performance Management – in Cabaret

In Cabaret

A Saturday night at the Wonderland Spiegeltent in Docklands is always a good idea. The smell of the popcorn, great company, a couple of wines and a good show. Can’t go wrong.

Last Saturday we went to see the ‘one night only’ Performance Management – In Cabaret.

Presented by Shhhhh Produtions, Performance Management, described as “Horrible Bosses meets The Office” stars Scott Hollingsworth as a fabulous Ringmaster slash Manager, and pokes fun at the everyday challenges of a normal employer / employee relationship, comparing every office to, well, a circus.

This show is not just funny, it’s fun. Performance Management capitalizes on on every possible ‘bad employee’ stereotype from the casual racist (I’m not racist but..), to the smoke-break bludger, the sick day champion and the person who told more than a few white lies on their resume. They’re all in there.

The best part about this show as with most cabarets was the songs. Particularly if you can sing along. Not just to the songs adapted from Les Miserables, Mary Poppins, The Little Mermaid and Adele, but literally, in act one with a crowd Dolly Parton sing-a-long – word sheet provided in true workplace style.

Whilst all eyes on were on Scott in the centre of the ring… just like a circus, he was also joined by a lovely looking lion in Joshua Fielding, aerial acrobat slash Elsa from Frozen in Jessica Robbins and a side-show strong man in Murat Yilmaz to illustrate and enrich many of the short tales throughout.

The crowd loved it, at the end, everyone got us and danced to a little bit of Britney.

If this all sounds a little crazy. It was. It is after all, a circus.

Fun, super-interactive and with more than a few little home truths, Performance Management is best enjoyed with a bunch of friends that you don’t work with.  Just between us, we would have loved to see more of the strong man, but hey…. we’re only human right?!

For more information about Shhhh Productions and their upcoming shows. Check out their website here: