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Dash and D’Bree Review

Like O.M.G.

These two ladies have come a long way from their Clap Rap, Glory Box days on Australia’s Got Talent. A classy-bogan duo of self-confessed ridicheads, Dash and D’Bree have brought their brand new rap cabaret – Fierce to the 2016 Melbourne Cabaret Festival (their first time at the Melbourne event) at popular arts hub ‘The Space’ in Prahran.

 What is is about? Why being fierce of course.

A word they hear a lot about from Tyra Banks and drag queens and stuff. Right?

“Owning it. Working it. Strutting it. Loving it.” 


Dash and D’Bree break their version of Fierce into two key elements. The ‘inner fierce’ (for when you know, you are feeling great, confident), and the ‘outer fierce’…. when you just look good. The latter being the most important… of course.

The show was super funny, had some catchy tunes and a smattering of cringe-worthy moments which made it a really fun night out. Hayley and Kat have a fantastic chemistry, and a fabulous ear for mash-ups with lyrics that initially sound like they are taking the mickey – but progress to giving you an ‘ah-ha – love it(!)’ moment.

My personal favourite… ‘Babe. Why do you sound like you are asking a question, even if you are not really asking a question…?’

So true.

Dash and D’Bree are in town for just 3 days from 23-25 June at the Space. But if you miss them, we highly recommend checking out this cheeky little snippet of their Fierce promotion during the Adelaide Fringe Festival: 

Where: The Space, Cnr Lt Chapel and Carlton Streets, Prahran

When: 23-25 June 2016

Visit the website here