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Melbourne Cabaret Festival Review: Rouge Romantic, Serenades from a Delinquent Diva

Having previously been along to see Torte e Mort: Songs of Cake and Death, at the 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival, we were pretty excited to get to see the world premiere of Anya Anastasia’s Rouge Romantic, Serenades from a Delinquent Diva at The Space in Prahran.

A fantastic singer, talented musician and witty, quirky performer, Anya didn’t disappoint this time around. Although the show was different, a little shorter and with less set and costume changes, it was punchy, intimate and well, just gorgeous. 

Switching between the two ‘alter-egos’ of, well, herself, Anya serenades her audience with songs born out of societal trends in love and romance the ups, downs and extremes of a woman’s passion when it comes to romance.

The songs are funny, catchy, have the witty edge of a creative intellectual, paired with the voice of Kate Bush. We would have loved a tiny little bit more narrative, but this certainly didn’t dampen the experience at all.

The Space is very intimate, and the audience interaction level in this show is high. At one point Anya does a handstand on a gentleman in the second rows lap, exposing her frilly bloomers to be taken off, shortly after laying across a couple’s lap and playing the maracas with her legs. Perfectly, of course. 

Don’t think by sitting in the back row you’ll be safe either. This show is super hands on. We were seated front row centre and were simultaneously sweating bullets, yet hoping we’d get singled out for some kind of shenanigan.

The whole show ended literally in a shower of love. Well, red love hearts shot out of a cannon whilst Anya plays the keyboard, sings and claps with her feet. As absurd, and glorious as it sounds. 

Anya Anastasia is one talented babe. Get along and check her out in the last couple of performances before her show ends on Saturday 25 June.

Where: The Space, corner of Carlton and Little Chapel streets, Prahran

When: 8.45pm Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 June, 2015

Visit the Melbourne Cabaret website here