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Paul Culliver: The Honeypot – MICF Review

“A straight, white male doing a comedy show, that’s novel”(!)

Paul Culliver might be a middle-class man, but don’t worry you haven’t walked into some terrifying Men’s Rights Activism lecture masquerading as a comedy show. Culliver is super aware of his privilege; in fact he’s even invented a scale to determine just how privileged he is. (It’s 17 doors by the way). With his cheeky, chappy nature he can talk about race, feminism and politics, and the combination works.

Culliver seems to have an endless supply of intelligent, quipping lines. The show never feels scripted; just one hilarious stream of consciousness, making his ability to be so quick witted all the more impressive.

He doesn’t get it quite right all the time; you can feel bits of the room tense up during certain sections of his stand-up. But in fairness he does go back and correct himself when he can feel this happening, Culliver says he “really doesn’t want to be a shit head in this show”, and he definitely doesn’t come off like that. From his self-teching intro to a high-five on the way out, Culliver has a real charm to him.

A particularly brilliant moment for the room was Culliver’s aunt correcting one of his jokes about how much drugs actually cost. His reaction was priceless, and he clearly comes from a funny family.

Culliver fights misogynists on Facebook, explains autistic kids are better than dead ones, and deters other blokes in the room from “mansplaining”; but as he tells us several times he’s not doing the show for the praise so you’ll just have to discover the rest yourself.

Oh and he definitely doesn’t mention Tinder.

Rating: ★★★★

Joanna Trainor

Joanna is a Journalism student on exchange from London, currently studying at RMIT. Having missed Edfringe last year she is absolutely loving being around Melbourne for the Comedy Fest. She can often be found singing too many show tunes, and drinking all the coffee. Follow her on Twitter, @mintpixeljo, for more stagey ramblings.

When: Until 17th April, 7.15pm (Tuesday to Sunday)
Where: The Downstairs Lounge @ The Swanston Hotel

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