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Good Morning Mofo – MICF Review

Good Morning  Mofo is filled with a cocktail of characters that you’d normally see and hear behind the scenes and on set of a breakfast show and Zoe McDonald plays them all.

Upon entering The Bagging Room at the Malthouse Theatre, we were greeted with Jenny who as she explained “was the intern. She wasn’t getting paid for this but was very excited to be here.” This interaction with the audience we would soon realise was a large part of the whole show.

The hour-long show moves through a series of characters for Women’s Week at Channel’s 8 Brunch show and Zoe Mcdonald transitions seamlessly between each. Taking apart the world of morning TV, characters including Chloe Davies the host with the perfect newsreader voice, Jessica Murphy the ‘bogan’ member of the audience, Rachelle the weather lady and also our favourite, Jenny the intern plus more – Each characterised by a different voice, rigid hand or flailing of the arm making them unique. The audience is never left questioning which currently character is on stage through Zoe’s distinct personification of each. Zoe doesn’t just stop there, dotted between each of the characters, we are also treated to infomercials, such as ‘Leaky guts’ where Zoe picks out audience members to come on stage and  take on certain characters themselves.

While we enjoyed the show, we do wish that we got to know in depth a few more of our favourite characters (such as Rachelle and Jenny), as the show did jump around quite a bit, but in saying that Zoe did a brilliant job in never once being out of character. Zoe McDonald has a true talent for comedy and performance and this was easily reflected in the laughs and applauses from the audience.

Rating: ★★★

When: Until April 17

Where: The Bagging Room, Malthouse Theatre

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