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Willem Richards is Bringing out the Cheeseboard – MICF Review

Once you’ve seen a full grown man dance in a Kylie Minogue outfit, you’re going to find it hard to be surprised by a show again. At Willem Richards’ last show at this year’s Comedy Fest, he truly was “Crushing life in the dick”.

Richards plays a whole host of outrageous characters as he tells us about his relationship with his Dad/ Tennis Coach. A man who has the personality and expressions of a Muppet, as Richards’ hair and mouth flap up and down with an incredible amount of elasticity. As well as his intense passion for his son’s tennis career, the best thing about Richards senior is that he brings out the cheeseboard.

There’s brie, there’s cheddar, there’s a multitude of crackers to be passed round. So when the gentleman at the end of my row puts the cheeseboard down you can feel the whole room staring daggers at him. Luckily this is rectified by Richards before an angry mob forms.

Another sparkling character is Spanish Ken Doll, Miguel Barcelona. Although he is heartbroken at his break up with Spanish Barbie, Maria, he still manages to sashay down the aisle in a glittery shirt. No-one mentions that he sounds rather similar to his Polish Father. These little things don’t matter when you’re laughing that much and you’ve got a mouth full of cheese.

The Hello Fresh company should definitely think about sponsoring the show in the future, as there has never been a man so excited about cooking their recipes before. Richards looks like a child on Christmas morning when he talks about getting their parcels of food.

At this performance, Richards’ ex-girlfriend was in the audience and though they both agreed that he was a “douche” during his early twenties, it is impossible not to warm to comedian flailing about in front of you.

Rating: ★★★★

-Joanna Trainor

Joanna is a Journalism student on exchange from London, currently studying at RMIT. Having missed Edfringe last year she is absolutely loving being around Melbourne for the Comedy Fest. She can often be found singing too many show tunes, and drinking all the coffee. Follow her on Twitter, @mintpixeljo, for more stagey ramblings.

When: Played until 3rd April
Where: The Downstairs Lounge @ The Swanston Hotel