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Tegan’s City of Love – MICF Review

Tegan Higginbotham is celebrating a very special year this year. It’s her 10 consecutive year in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, it’s the year she turned to 28, and this was finally the  year she achieved all her childhood dreams!

Opening her show with old home movies  of herself running amok at 2 years at 9 months , we instantly fell in love with Tegan and her self-depricating humour. Moving through her teenage years, we were treated to hilarious stories of foibles and follies, from her teenage, Dear Dolly diaries filled with amateur poetry through to amusing and somewhat violent sketches including a Mr Squiggle lookalike being burnt at the cross, for which even Tegan couldn’t explain.

Taking inspiration from the City of Love itself; Paris, Tegan’s show was a filled with a series of hiccups she faced as she tried to chase her childhood dreams: a) Fall in love in Paris b) Become an action movie star; and c) Be magic.

Like an episode of This is Your Life, Tegan treated us to all sorts of ancedotes and objects of her past along with some hilarious photos! The standout and most hilarious being a Tegan Higginbottham calender filled with all things Tegan, in the hopes that casting agents would call her up to be the next big action hero star. Replicating magazine covers and movie posters, we couldn’t understand why Hollywood wouldn’t want to make a film called Tegan Actually (yep, this is a play on Love Actually).

Overall, Tegan’s candid City of Love show was a barrel of laughs that anyone who has childhood dreams (and yes that’s pretty much everyone) can relate to.  Her warm, personable and slightly cheeky show is a must for anyone who knows the struggles of embarassing  life fails. A show perfectly summed up by “You can’t always get the crossiant but if you try sometimes you baguette  what you need.”

Rating: ★★★★

When: Until 3 April

Where: Greek Centre, Aphrodite’s Room

Visit the website here.