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Quiz in My Pants: Hardcore Trivia – MICF Review

Everyone loves a little bit of a Trivia night. It brings out the best and worst of people. Mate against mate, even date against date – unleashing the competitive streak in all of us.

So when invited along to check out ‘Quiz in My Pants’ as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, we jumped at the chance to put our mad trivia skills to the test.  

This was not your traditional pub trivia, and certainly not a show for the prudish (or under 18), but it was light, sparkly and had just the right amount of audience interaction, helped along by it’s later time slot by which point many audience members had had a chance to have a wine or two and loosen up.

 On entry groups are given their quiz answer sheet and team name – we’re talking clever pun names like ‘Shaving Ryan’s Privates’ and ‘Inspect Her Gadget’, and that set the scene for the rest of the show as Quiz Mistress ‘Quizzie’ and her sidekick ‘Rusty’ (Cassie Vagliviello and Brendan Ewing) take the audience through four rounds of light, but X-rated, sex-themed trivia and some sexy singing.

 I’ll be honest though, losing by one point nearly killed us….

The costumes, designed by burlesque costumer Cherie Hewson, were super fun and a little bit naughty, a perfect accompaniment to the whole show package.

 A perfect night out with girlfriends (the competitive ones), or a late night kick-on with friends (the competitive ones), or anyone you know who loves trivia and doesn’t mind checking out a Cosmopolitan sealed section or two…. and is competitive.

When: Part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival until 3 April, 2016 at the adults only time-slot of 10pm.

Where: Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place

Visit the website here.