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Slipping and Sliding at Slide the City

What could be more Australian than on a 30 degree plus, sunny Melbourne day than to throw on a pair of bathers and jump on a massive slip and slide through the city.

Armed with post-Christmas tans and various blow up devices ranging from the standard issue tube, giant inflatable thongs, right through to super fashionable flamingos – hordes of people did just that last Sunday. The lines were long and the the food and shade was scarce, but overall, like any good slip and slide concocted in a mates backyard at a barbecue with a tarp, hose and a bottle of Morning Fresh, no one cared about the teething problems, everyone was there to have a great time – and they did.

I kicked a guy in the chest by accident, rammed a small child because I couldn’t steer or stop, and fell on my face multiple times – and I had a blast.

Slide the City hits Sydney next for some more crazy wet fun. For more details see:

We Know Melbourne tip: A tip for sliding pros, although they might be super fashionable, we did see a couple of inflatable flamingoes sadly abandoned on the side of the slide – it seems looks aren’t everything when you are looking for the perfect slide experience…

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Written by Kerstyn Dance