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Interview with Chuck Hahn

Chuck Hahn is a name that any beer lover will recognise. As one of Australia’s highest profile brewers, his products (Hahn Premium and Hahn Ice) are well known and loved by all. We were delighted to spend some time with Chuck Hahn recently at The Swanston Hotel’s Beer Appreciation Evening and managed to ask a few questions about the brewing industry.

You’ve been brewing beer now for over 30 years, can you tell us a standout moment in your brewery years?

I guess the creation of new innovative beers might be the real standout reason for existence.  Even after ten years at Coors and six years brewing beers in Australia and NZ, the real standout moment was when we created Hahn Premium Lager in 1988, and I finally had my name on the bottle of a very fine pilsner style lager.

What do you love about the Melbourne brewer scene?

25 years ago, no choice was available across the Melbourne pubs.  Now many styles of flavoursome lagers and ales are available and most pubs would have at least ten different beers on tap.  The opportunity is there now for the beer connoisseurs to taste and enjoy.

Are there any other local brewers that you love?  

Mountain Goat, with their Hightail Ale, has always been one of my favourites.  Holgate Brewery has also been one of the real pioneers in beer flavour.  Mornington Peninsula brewery have  been brewing some real innovations, along with Bridge Road.

Do you have a favourite place to drink beer in Melbourne?

Of course, I must recommend the newly renovated James Squire Brewhouse at the Portland Hotel, now called The Crafty Squire.

And finally, what would be your last meal on earth and what beer would you pair it with?

Lamb Shanks with garlic mash served with James Squire Nine Tales Amber Ale.

See the photos of the Beer Appreciation Evening with Chuck Hahn here.