Red Spice Road

Red Spice Road

Recently some of our We Know Melbourne team got to visit well known South East Asian restaurant Red Spice Road in McKillop Street. The first thing that strikes you about this place is that it is a large venue but cleverly divided into separate zones each with it’s own feel and style. The obvious starting point ti at the McKillop street bar where we enjoyed a nice glass of wine and probably the standout dish of the night being an amazing appetizer of spiced duck ball on a wafer of fresh, chilled watermelon. The duck was quite spicy but combined with the watermelon it was just right!

We toured the other sections of the restaurant which included the appropriately named Long Room which is home to a couple of very long communal tables which are a signature feature of Red Spice Road to encourage the feeling of shared eating that the owners feel is central to the Asian dining experience.

There’s also a courtyard, function rooms and the very stylish Lantern Room which featured some great artworks, an impressive open kitchen, and the whole space is dominated by a huge glowing red Chinese lantern. There’s another impressive communal table in here but this time it’s circular mirroring and following the shape of the huge lantern.

The Red Spice menu combines elements from all over South East Asia with particular nods to Malaysia, China, Vietnam, China and Thailand. Some of the other delicious dishes we enjoyed on the night included panko crumbed braised lamb with eggplant chili relish which simply melted in your mouth, a delicious selection of up market boas, and some fabulous pan seared scallops. All in all we can highly recommend Red Spice Road for a tasty trip through South East Asian cuisine. Next stop their sister restaurant Burma Lane!