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Outside: The Cloud

Pop Up Playground proudly presents, Outside: The Cloud an online and real life choose your own adventure that will be hitting the streets of Melbourne this summer. The theme of the adventure includes cyber warfare, environmental activism and artificial intelligence and is designed to turn the day of each player an epic journey by embroiling them into a story greater than themselves. Played over two months, each week will introduce a new episode that will direct each participant to hunt down hidden documents and videos online, along with unlocking passcodes that are concealed in real life while following gripping plot lines that will lead people over the Melbourne inner city and CBD. When; 23 January – 26 March 2017 Cost: $50 Two Month Subscription, $30 Monthly Subscription For more information, please visit    

PAX Conference

Get Your Game On at PAX

PAX 2016 is just around the corner. Twelve years ago in Washington a team of gamers from Penny Arcade came up with the concept for a convention exclusively dedicated to gaming to fill a niche that was overlooked by comics, anime and, in their words not ours, other cool nerd hobbies – and thus PAX was born – attracting 4,500 people in its first year, and doubling every year after that until it had to move to Seattle and Boston. PAX is now proudly the largest gaming event in North America. In 2013, PAX hit the golden shores of Oz (and by that we mean Australia) where it’s now an annual event, and goes from strength to strength. This year, PAX Australia runs from 4-6 November, 2016 at the Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre. This mega-convention offers something for every, single type of gaming you can imagine including a Consol Freeplay area, where PAX attendees can hit up literally hundreds of the latest gen, classic and lesser known games during their time. More a fan …