Nocturnal X Mick Harvey

You might be apprehensive if the live-music tickets you bought list the venue as a Museum. Are the musicians really that old? Or maybe you start to imagine something akin to the movie ‘Night at the Museum.’

Having been to the Melbourne Museum before, I pondered as to where they’d set up stage and whether I’d spend the night concerned about knocking over irreplaceable artefacts on display. Arriving, I found the venue to be very well thought-out. The main stage was front and centre in the foyer with the second stage and film screens in the galleries deeper into the Museum.

What’s more, the stages didn’t seem out of place, but rather enhanced by the historic building. The area was grand, accessible and the lights from the main stage seemed to shimmer beautifully off every surface. On top of that, I learnt that walking around a world-class museum with a beer in hand and atmospheric beats through the air is a sensation not to be missed.

The bands and setlist were curated by Mick Harvey, the music legend from The Bad Seeds. Having never heard any of the bands Harvey brought with him, I was delighted to witness a series of spectacular performances. It’s great to see lead singers dedicate songs to million-year-old fossils as casually as introducing their bandmates.

In some settings the acoustics echoed or were distorted, but that could be forgiven. After all, most venues don’t have an anatomical re-creation of the Australian super-horse Phar Lapsitting around in general admission. In all, the combination of two already fantastic Melbourne attractions – killer live music and the Melbourne Museum – only served to mix the night into a brilliant cocktail of stimulus.

The best part is that Nocturnalwill keep it coming. Coming up on the 3rd of May is another unique line-up. ‘Nocturnal X WAT’will bring a whole new set of artists and the opportunity for after-hours access to the brand-new exhibition ‘Revolutions: Records and Rebels.’

Music fans and experience-chasers, book tickets for Nocturnal’s next line-up and catch this inimitable sensation for yourself.

(Tip: the #96 tram will drop you off with nothing but a leisurely two-minute walk through Carlton Gardens to the Museum entrance.)

When: The first Friday of every month.
Where: Melbourne Museum, 11 Nicholson Street, Carlton
More information: Here