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Review: F*ckboys The Musical

‘A haphazard guide to navigating the modern dating scene’.

When my friends and I scanned the pages of the Fringe guide, this was the show we most wanted to see. As a bunch of 30-something women who ourselves, bumbled through the world of modern dating dodging time-wasters, creeps and of course plenty of the aforementioned – we were itching to get along and check out this musical for our f*ckboys 101 education.

The story starts, when four women walk into a bar for their regular Wednesday night karaoke sesh. Some are single, some are not and one is horribly heartbroken to the point of shrewish cynicism. Their casual conversation is punctuated time after time by over-confident men with abnormally large egos who turn bitter and nasty each time their advances are rejected – earning them the label of, you guessed it f*ckboys.

What is a f*ckboy you ask? These talented ladies take care of that through their original score of witty songs, giving everyone the lowdown on what it really takes to make it into that category.

But the performance is not just about man bashing, interwoven between sporadic banter lamenting the poor quality of men on the dating scene, is a relatively sweet love story, some unexpected tenderness to balance out the harsh messaging, offering glimmers of hope for those who have given up hope of ever finding the one.

Honestly, (and I am sure this is a testament to how jaded we might be from our own dating experiences) F*ckboys The Musical was not as harsh, mocking or relatable that I or my female companions (all having had their fair share of interactions with said gentlemen) were hoping for – but it was extremely funny, lively and terribly fun.

An actual true tale of post-breakup redemption brought to life by four female leads who sang together in harmony like Disney Princesses (if Disney Princesses had Tinder).

Well worth seeing before it wraps up on Sunday.

Locals tip: With a late-night timeslot, we recommend dinner at Sosta Cucina on Errol Street, followed by a cocktail at Joe Taylor’s across the road before the show

Reviewed and written by our guest writer –  Kerstyn Dance

Where: Lithuanian Club, 44 Errol Street, North Melbourne (57 tram)
When: Sat 22 Sep – 10.30pm, Sun 23 Sep – 9.30pm
More tickets / information: Check out their website