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Melbourne Zoo visitors will be the first in the world to view the very best wildlife photographs from 130 years of National Geographic magazine at an immersive exhibition launching this spring.

50 Greatest Wildlife Photographs, curated by renowned nature picture editor Kathy Moran, is a celebratory look at wildlife with captivating images from some of National Geographic’s most iconic photographers, including Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols, Steve Winter, Paul Nicklen, Beverly Joubert and David Doubilet.

The pop-up exhibition will make its global debut as an outdoor installation in Melbourne Zoo’s historic Carousel Park and be accompanied by an INDE augmented reality (AR) experience, titled Air, Land & Sea.

Air, Land & Sea gives viewers a unique chance to travel to an ever-changing watering hole where a diverse range of animals, from Africa to the Arctic, graze, drink and interact with the environment around them.

Melbourne Zoo director Kevin Tanner said the spectacular photographs and AR experience would provide zoo visitors with an opportunity to see wildlife from around the world.

“These extraordinary photographs show what some of the world’s most wondrous wildlife looks like in their natural habitat,” Mr Tanner said. “As a zoo-based conservation organisation, we are doing our very best to ensure a future rich in wildlife, and we are extremely proud to debut this stunning exhibition at Melbourne Zoo.

“Our hope is that, after viewing these stunning images and connecting with the wildlife at Melbourne Zoo, visitors will be compelled to remember that all animals deserve our greatest respect, awe and preservation.”

For 130 years, National Geographic has utilised its storytelling expertise to connect its readers to the great outdoors. The organisation pioneered the art of wildlife photography, from the very first such image of a reindeer in 1903, with a steady stream of extraordinary images of animals in nature.

The 50 Greatest Wildlife Photographs exhibition shows an unmatched legacy of artistic, scientific and technical achievement. Showcasing the evolution of photography, the images convey how innovations such as camera traps, remote imaging, and underwater technology have granted photographers access to wildlife in their natural habitat.

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Where: Melbourne Zoo
When: 8 September – 30 November, 2018
More info: here.