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Review: May Contain Traces of Reading

Imagine a stand-up comedy show where the star doesn’t utter a single word.

You could be excused for being apprehensive in anticipation of a badly executed mime, but this show is more ‘giant palm cards’ than Marcel Marceau, laced with a touch of Mr Bean. It’s an interesting navigation of Robert Mitchell’s checklist of comedy prowess through the unspoken word.

The beauty of this style of show is the lack of of awkward silences, remedied by Mitchell’s arsenal of Dad jokes kept up his sleeve (or in his carefully pre-prepared folder).

Supported by a sassy sidekick of the digital variety, this show is warm, expressive and performed like a well-oiled machine, and unique in that heckling is highly encouraged during the performance – if only so Robert can make excellent use of his rather large pre-prepared folder chock-full of ‘sick comedian burns’.

The show fell a little short for me after a long day of reading at work, but is relatively family friendly and has definite appeal for the deaf community.

“May Contain Traces of Reading” honestly does what it says on the tin – so don’t forget to bring your glasses, or it will be a very long night.

Reviewed and written by our guest writer –  Kerstyn Dance

Where: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, CBD
When: 20-25 August, 2018 – 7pm
More information / tickets: Check out their website