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MICF Review: Perri Cassie “Secondhand Bubblegum”

Melbourne local Perri Cassie is a twenty something man wrapped in a blush pink “Leisure” sweater, all tied up in black dungarees and ready to make you laugh. Cassie has been honing his material in Melbourne’s local comedy scene, in rooms around Australia and has recently returned from entertaining audiences in the USA, bringing all his best material to MICF with his show, “Secondhand Bubblegum”.

Cassie’s show is a complete joke free-for-all, with an upbeat story telling style mixed with self-deprecating quips, shock value and topical observational humour. Stand outs were his hilarious observations on the changes to the order of bases when dating in adult life (why go to home base last?), testing flat earthers, Afterpay for property and the joys of having high school classmates as Facebook friends.

Cassie closes his show with a re-write of your typical men’s body spray ad (where better to start addressing the levels of toxic masculinity in our society) bringing the audience to near tears and joyous rounds of applause.

4 Stars
Reviewed and written by our guest writer –  Shannon Murphy

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